City Honeymoon

If your romantic getaway calls for a city honeymoon, then there are many exciting and vibrant locales for a most memorable romantic trip with an urban flair. The bright lights, glamor and excitement of great cities like New York, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai and Venice have always been a magnet for lovers. Can you see yourselves sipping red wine in an Italian cafe, learning to tango in Buenos Aires or just watching in the activity of Tokyo, lit by neon in the evening?

Each city has its own unique character: think urban sophistication amid gracious gardens in Berlin, the glitz and excitement of Las Vegas, the nonstop energy of New York City, and the history, sights and romantic ambience of Venice. Smaller cities have their own special brand of charm. International gateway cities like Shanghai, Bangkok, Vancouver and Cape Town act as portals to new cultures, histories and natural beauty.

There’s something about cities that just breathes creativity, and this is the place to indulge your shared love for theatre, opera, music, and art. Urban parks are beloved by city inhabitants. If you happen to be there in the summer, be sure to catch an open air concert for a magical evening. They’re also a great destination for a romantic stroll or picnic

Cafe and bar hopping are urban art forms, and you can practice your style every evening of your stay. Shopping and nightlife are other major attractions, and you’ll find unique items and gifts in the boutique stores that characterize each city. Great cities also attract great chefs and your city honeymoon will be a gourmet feast, taking in a wide range of cuisines.

Cities tend to be all-season destinations, with a full calendar of events and activities throughout the year. They also tend to be walkable, so bring a comfortable pair of shoes. When it comes to accommodations, you’ll have a wide range of choices that suit every taste and every budget. Big hotels will put you right in the center of things, while smaller boutique hotels and B&Bs will give you a more intimate view of the city as well as greater privacy. Whichever you choose, you will have a comfortable base from which to explore the city of your dreams.