As a honeymoon destination, Illinois is criminally underrated. There is, of course, the bustle and beauty of the lakefront city of Chicago. But there’s also wineries and vineyards, gorgeous inns set on rustic farmland, stunning lakeside resorts, and jaw-dropping rolling hillsides for country honeymoons that surround you with a truly magnificent landscape.

City-centric couples will love Chicago as their romance wonderland. But outdoorsy honeymooners can hike the peaceful woodlands, watch the sunset over Lake Michigan, ride on horseback across verdant slopes and valleys, or camp on a hilltop beneath the stars. Make even more use of the lake by visiting its beaches, or enjoying the thrill of wakeboarding or zooming along on skis over its pleasant waters. Whether your mode is more chill picnic on the beach, urban escape, or pulse-pounding, heart-pumping outdoor thrills, Illinois has it all.