Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile

Bonjour, and welcome to the epitome of French-inspired luxury at Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile. This newly renovated haven invites honeymooners to immerse themselves in a world where modern design meets timeless romance, creating an unforgettable escape in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Chic French Elegance:

From the moment you step through the doors, Sofitel Chicago envelops you in chic French elegance. The hotel, designed by the renowned French architect Jean-Paul Viguier, is a 32-floor prism of glass, boasting 415 rooms, including 33 luxurious suites. Each space is a testament to the seamless blend of modern design and rich architectural legacy.

Reimagined Spaces:

Sofitel’s recent renovation has breathed new life into its spaces. The creatively reimagined guest rooms offer a sanctuary of comfort and style, setting the stage for a honeymoon filled with luxury and romance. The glass prism walls showcase the city’s energy, providing a stunning backdrop to your love story.

Prime Location:

Nestled just minutes from Michigan Avenue, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Art Institute, Sofitel Chicago places you at the epicenter of cultural and trendy experiences. Whether you’re exploring the iconic Magnificent Mile or discovering hidden boutiques, every adventure begins at your doorstep.

Sultry Lounging:

Le Bar, the lobby-level lounge, sets the stage for intimate moments. With its sultry ambiance and carefully crafted cocktails, it becomes a rendezvous point for honeymooners to unwind and savor the romance of the evening.

SoFit Fitness Center:

For those seeking rejuvenation, the SoFit Fitness Center provides a space to re-energize. Whether it’s an invigorating workout or a tranquil yoga session, this amenity ensures that wellness and relaxation are seamlessly woven into your romantic retreat.

Impeccable Service:

The hallmark of Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile is its commitment to impeccable service. The attentive staff, fluent in the language of hospitality, anticipates your every need, ensuring that your honeymoon experience is as flawless as the hotel’s design.

A French-Inspired Love Affair:

Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile is not just a hotel; it’s a French-inspired love affair waiting to be experienced. From the reimagined spaces to the prime location, every element is designed to enhance the romance of your honeymoon. This luxurious haven beckons couples to indulge in the beauty of love amid the vibrant backdrop of downtown Chicago. For honeymooners seeking a rendezvous of sophistication and passion, Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile is the quintessential choice—a celebration of amour in the Windy City.