The honeymoon is usually the first major journey of your life as a couple, so it’s important to get it right. If you chose the island of Fernando de Noronha as your honeymoon destination, you will not be disappointed – unless beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, golden sands, wonderful locals, and lush natural scenery are your idea of a disappointing romantic locale!

The archipelago consists of the large main island as well as almost two dozen smaller isles in the surrounding waters. The islands are known for having the most beautiful beaches in the country. A place so perfectly romantic would usually be completely overrun with tourists and honeymooning couples, but this isn’t the case in Fernando de Noronha.

Sure, the region is a prime target for romantic travelers, but to maintain the beauty and character of the islands, there are limits to how many are allowed to enter this paradise at once. This adds a little extra to your, costs but keeps the islands beautiful for the couples that want to come here for their trip of a lifetime – and ensures they’ll be just as beautiful if they ever return for an anniversary.

This is one of the few negative points of a honeymoon in Fernando de Noronha – lodging and meals are not cheap, but the incredible luxury and romance are well worth it – after all, as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for!”

The climate in Fernando de Noronha is romance-perfect. The rainy season is between April and June, but even with them, the frequent rains are usually fast-moving showers that pass right through. The average temperature is around 83ºF (28ºC), with a consistent ocean wind. April through August is winter, and even then water temperature is excellent: around 80º F (26ºC). Still, you’ll want to pack a sweater and rain gear during these months. The rest of the year the water and air tend to be a few degrees warmer.

All around the islands are incredible opportunities for snorkeling and all kinds of diving, which is the only way to see local wonders like the Corvette Ipiranga: This is a ship sunken in an accident decades ago and is now resting 62 meters beneath the sea. Experienced divers can book a trip to see this magnificent wreck, but even newbies can book a day of diving that will have them seeing many other wonderful discoveries, from other ships and coral reefs to a myriad of swimming, swaying, and crawling undersea creatures.

Explore more and find out for yourselves–you may have just found a honeymoon destination that will steal your heart all over again.

About Fernando de Noronha

At a Glance

  • GO DEEP: The Scuba and free diving in Fernando de Noronha is top-notch. See shipwrecks, sharks, sponges and everything in between on diving trips from a wide selection of professional tour operators. Try free diving and tow diving too, where you skip the heavy hear and either dive down with only masks and fins, or “fly” through the water towed by a boat on the surface. You won’t regret it, and you’ll never forget it!
  • BLAZE A TRAIL: Okay so, the hiking trails in Fernando de Noronha have technically already been blazed, but that means you can walk them without getting lost! From casual, sandal-appropriate strolls to more hardcore honeymoon hikes, the islands are breathtakingly beautiful and just begging to be explored.
  • SWEET AT SUNSET: No honeymoon in a gorgeous tropical locale would be complete without a cocktail (or a snuggle) at sunset. Luckily it happens every day, you’ll get plenty of chances!
  • GO BEACH CRAZY: Crescent bays with azure waters and golden sand, flanked by majestic green cliffs and dotted with mysterious little islands…this is a familiar vision at Fernando de Noronha’s seemingly endless list of beaches. There are so many it’s tough picking the best, but some greats to check out are Baia dos Porcos, Praia Do Sancho, Praia do Cachorro, Praia do Meio, Praia Da Conceição, Praia Do Boldoró, Bode Beach and Baia do Sueste. With so many options, couples can find one with practically not a single other soul in sight, making for an intimate beach day that’s literally yours for the taking.