Desert Honeymoon

Great weather, a night sky full of countless stars, vast landscapes and solitude are the hallmarks of a desert honeymoon. Or the adventure of hiking through scrub and desert, discovering life in seemingly inhospitable places. Deserts, have always attracted artists and writers, and maybe your desert honeymoon is the time to visit the landscapes that inspired Aboriginal art and craft work.

Deserts also attract explorers, and you’ll find plenty of outdoors activities in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Hiking, trail riding on horseback, white water rafting in the canyons, and camping will give you a chance to get really close to the feel and rhythm of life in the desert. Try rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking in the canyons in Utah’s National Parks amid spectacular natural rock formations.

The Middle East and deserts are synonymous and it has some great destinations for a once-in-a-lifetime desert honeymoon trip. Explore the pyramids and temples in the Egyptian desert and enjoy a quiet cruise on the Nile, spend some time in a Bedouin camp outside Dubai, or take a desert safari through unique towns and oases in Morocco.

In the US, desert meccas like Las Vegas and Palm Springs offer very different forms of city in the desert experiences. Both offer outstanding dining and the best luxury hotels.

Taos mixes history, architecture and culture in harmony with the surrounding high altitude desert of the New Mexico plateau. Glamping and luxury ranches are also an important dimension of the desert honeymoon experience.