Destination Overview

There’s nothing like it anywhere on this planet! Whether you gamble or not, Las Vegas is a magical place for an out-of-this-world honeymoon. Hundreds of couples marry here every Valentine’s Day. Thousands tie the knot in the glittering hotels and wedding chapels, and even more couples honeymoon here year round. This outrageous, action-packed place never shuts down and just about everything under the sun is at your fingertips at all hours of the day and night. All you have to do is choose what fits your mood at the moment.

Believe it or not, some hotels do not have casinos and you can find myriads of places to be alone together in a beautiful setting. Sensational shows, sparkling casinos, gourmet restaurants and an endless number of other activities await. You can “travel the world”— climb the “Eiffel Tower” for a panoramic view, take a gondola ride on a Venetian canal, or hop a boat for a trip along the Nile. Just off the world famous Strip, you can explore the great outdoors together, see beautiful desertscapes, go climbing at Red Rock Canyon, marvel at ancient Indian cave drawings, or play golf on your choice of challenging championship courses. Every moment you share has a special sparkle here.

LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity
The energetic atmosphere that Las Vegas is known for is an ideal setting for LGBTQIA+ couples looking for an exciting honeymoon. The city was named “Destination of the Year” at the Gay Travel Awards and is a favorite for destination weddings thanks to its recognition of same-sex marriage even before national legislation went into effect.

Drag queens dominate the nightly shows and the gay clubs located throughout the city are some of the most thrilling in the country. Inclusive accommodations abound, as well, with countless resorts prioritizing diversity above all in the casinos and pool areas. And don’t forget the plethora of renowned restaurants and boutique shops!

About Las Vegas


  • ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: This being the case, choosing what you want to see and do can be overwhelming. It can be a temptation to play and stay in the same spot, but pace yourselves and don’t miss these treats.
  • SEE A SHOW: Every kind of entertainment you can imagine is here. Nightly shows are world famous. Singers, comedians, performing animals, circuses and other phenomena are all part of the fun. Cirque du Soleil’s “O” water show never fails to amaze.
  • TRY YOUR LUCK: You’re surrounded by casinos. The scene itself is fascinating! Make a modest bet on your favorite game. You’ll feel the thrill whether you win or lose.
  • DINE GOURMET: Some of the world’s greatest chefs are here. Take advantage of it and linger over a delicious dinner for two in one of the finest restaurants.
  • A ROUND OF GOLF: There are over 35 golf courses in the vicinity. The Jack Nicklaus designed course at Reflection Bay is one of the prettiest.
  • RED ROCK CANYON: A few minutes out of town, you can study Indian lore, see ancient cave drawings, and climb the beautiful red rock canyon walls.
  • GRAND CANYON DAY TRIP: A helicopter will whisk you to one of America’s most awesome sights.
  • SOME TIME AT THE POOL: Scenes here can be outrageous. Some couples choose their hotels just because of the pool, as most hotel pools are for guests only. Hard Rock and Wynn Las Vegas pools offer swim up gaming. At Mandalay Bay you tan on comfortable daybeds. Treat yourselves to a poolside massage at The Palms. You can rent a poolside cabana at Caesar’s Palace, and this is only the beginning!
  • VISIT OTHER RESORTS: You’ll be amazed.
  • SHARK REEF AQUARIUM: Visit an enormous salt water tank with over 2,000 species of marine life on display at the MGM Grand. It’s a beautiful, mesmerizing and impressive display you don’t want to miss.
  • VACATION WITHIN A VACATION: You can have a romantic gondola ride “in Venice” at the Venetian, go to the top of the “Eiffel Tower” at the Paris, stroll hand in hand in Central Park” at New York, New York and enjoy a boatride on “the Nile” at the Luxor, all between lunch and dinner.

Getting Married

Las Vegas may be the marriage capital of the world. Thousands of couples marry here every year and hundreds choose Valentine’s Day to tie the knot. The state makes it easy with permissive regulations. No blood tests or residence waits are required. You only have to bring ID (Social Security, passport, certified birth certificate, military papers) to get a marriage license downtown at the Clark County Marriage License Bureau which is open from 8 a.m.-midnight most days and 24 hours on holidays like New Year’s Eve. Then, you can have a quick civil ceremony at the Commissioner of Civil Marriages (also downtown) , a themed event or a proper ceremony before a judge or a priest, rabbi or minister at an independent wedding chapel or at your hotel’s wedding chapel. Whatever you choose, the marriage will be legal. Most big hotel/casinos have tasteful on site wedding chapels and wedding planners on staff who can arrange all the details before you arrive. Independent wedding chapels offer outrageous themed weddings–everything from Hawaiian weddings to events where Elvis impersonators serenade you. You can choose a drive through wedding or an intimate ceremony just for the two of you or stage an elaborate, extravagant over the top event for your family and guests. Whatever you choose, Las Vegas can accommodate it, whether your group is 5 or 500. And the best is, you can stay on after the wedding to enjoy your honeymoon. Many hotels offer special wedding packages with outrageous perks that include gourmet meals, penthouse suites, show tickets and other luxuries.

Fast Facts

  • GETTING AROUND: Rent a car or use monorails, public busses, trolleys, taxis and limos to make it easy. Leave plenty of time to get from Point A to Point B. Giant hotels and casinos stand far back from the road. Taxi waiting lines can be long and traffic can be congested.
  • AREA CODE: (702)
  • CLIMATE: There are over 300 days of sun here every year. Daytime temperatures can reach 105 degrees F, but evening temperatures can go below freezing. Casinos and shops can be cold, so carry a sweater or jacket.

Honeymoon Hints

  • HONEYMOON HYDRATION: Drink lots of water. The dry desert air can dehydrate your body quickly.
  • FANCY FOOTWEAR: Wear comfortable shoes. You may walk for miles, even if you only visit one casino.
  • TAXI TIPS: Taxis are not allowed to pick you up on the street. Call them in advance or have the restaurant call one for you. Try to carry small bills and change. Drivers often don’t. If there’s congestion on The Strip, ask your driver to take Industrial Road, the street that runs parallel to it. For airport trips, make sure that your driver avoids I 15 and the airport tunnel.
  • LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND: Double check for everything before leaving your room: Chances are that you will have to go through a sprawling casino on your way out of the hotel.
  • TRY YOUR LUCK: Learn the terminology and fundamentals of the games before you go. Most guidebooks include basic rules for Black Jack, poker, craps and other popular games.
  • WEAR A WATCH: Most casinos have no clocks.
  • BUCKLE UP: Seat belts are required for both front and back seat passengers.