Destination Overview

Miles upon miles of flawless beaches, verdant lush valleys and communities steeped in history as well as some of the world’s best ocean-top activities await on your honeymoon in Maui. The locals say “Maui no kaoi” meaning “Maui is the ultimate,” a sentiment echoed by readers of Condé Nast Traveler who have voted it “Best Island” for over 12 years. Why? The island is the essential blend of fun, relaxation, cultural and sporting pursuits. The second-largest Hawaiian Island is northwest of the Big Island, and just before Lanai and Molokai in the archipelago chain. Home to several large towns from charming seaside Lahaina and cultural Kahului to fun Wailuku, Maui is called the Valley Isle for the large isthmus between the northwestern and southeastern volcanoes as well as the numerous indentations carved into both mountains.

A Maui honeymoon is destined to be unforgettable so aim for a hole-in-one on championship golf courses, drive through sensational scenery on the road to Hana, shop the chic boutiques in beautiful Upcountry Maui, cheer on whales as they travel by from your beachside seat. There’s no end to what you can do and the love you’ll feel for this peerless tropical island.

About Maui

At a Glance

WHAT TO DO ON YOUR MAUI HONEYMOON The beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui has its own unique spin on all the activities that make the entire archipelago so mystical and romantic. Adventure calls with extreme surfing, action-packed zip lining, incredible snorkeling and diving as well as deep-sea fishing. Romance blooms in gorgeous gardens, waterfalls, stunning beaches and sea cliffs that can be accessed by car, boat, horseback riding and walking. And you’ll always find excellent dining, shopping and soul-satisfying relaxation in this magnificent tropical island paradise.

  • TOUCH THE SKY. Put on some warm clothing and take a car ride up to Haleakala’s summit high up at 10,000 feet for an unforgettable view. You’ll find it especially incredible at sunrise or sunset, making for a trip well worth the effort.
  • SADDLE UP TO SEE THE UPCOUNTRY. Maui has several touring companies where you can see the land from horseback. Ride across rolling ranch land to see cattle roam, head up steep hills in the West Maui Mountains, traverse jagged sea cliffs and even ride into one of the island’s most popular sites, Haleakala’s massive crater.
  • SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP. Art galleries, chic boutiques, huge malls and farmer’s markets are all part of daily life in Maui. Your honeymoon marks your first real celebration together, and Maui is your one-of-a-kind chance to commemorate it with world-class items or wonderful local specialties like native woods, jewelry, hats made of lauhala, sculptures and paintings. If shopping is a must, high-end establishments are found up north and unique antiques in Wailuku, while the south and west coasts has glamorous shopping and elegant dining.
  • DETOUR TO LANAI. Spending a day on a side trip to Lanai is an interesting alternative. With so much to see and do in Maui, you may want to skip it. However, those that do head over rave about the dolphin and whale watching. Also, Manele Bay provides excellent snorkeling. Lanai is a smallish island set off from Maui with many features all its own, including incredible rock formations that jut surprisingly straight up from the sparkling sea floor. It is a gorgeous land that hasn’t been overrun by giant hardware stores and fast-food chains; in fact, you could walk for miles and not come across another person! If a romantic, intimate break from the faster paced Maui sounds appealing, consider Lanai.
  • LEARN HOW TO SURF. It’s hard to think about Maui without conjuring up monster waves and the daredevils from around the world who love to ride them. For your honeymoon in Maui, why not do what you’ve always wanted to do—learn to surf! Near Lahaina Harbor, the surf is more suited to beginners and you’ll find professionals there to show you everything from the basics of paddling out, setting up for the wave and then standing on a board, and of course how to be safe. Before you know it, you’ll be hanging ten with the best of them.
  • GO ON A PINEAPPLE TOUR. Hawaii and pineapples are connected with a long history together. Pineapple plantations are dotted all across the islands and Maui has some of the best. A tour is a fun way to enjoy the local flavor of Maui while learning a little bit about it, too.
  • SEE A RAINFOREST BY CAR. A ride along the Hana Highway offers rewards that are both solely Maui and universally spectacular. Go at the pace you set, stop anywhere you like for tropical treasures such as gorgeous waterfalls, breathtaking scenic views and aromatic flowers and plants unlike anywhere else.

Fast Facts

  • AVERAGE TEMPERATURE: 80 degrees F. However, remember to bring a jacket for nights and rainforests as well as warmer clothes for higher elevations.
  • AREA CODE: (808)
  • TIME ZONE: Hawaii Standard Time (GMT-10 hours). Hawaii is 5 hours behind the US East Coast, 6 hours behind during Daylight Saving Time, which the whole state does not observe.
  • LANGUAGES: English, Hawaiian
  • CURRENCY: U.S. dollar
  • ELECTRICITY: Same as continental United States

Honeymoon Hints

  • RENT A CAR: You’ll find major car rental companies, but book it before you leave on your honeymoon to ensure you have one waiting. A rental gives you the freedom to explore and come and go as you please. If you don’t, there are numerous tours, buses, taxis, limos and other ways to get around.
  • START OFF RIGHT: Celebrate your honeymoon on Maui with a lei greeting for you and your love upon arrival at the airport. Set the mood by arranging one with a call to (800) 367 5183
  • GET IN THE HAWAIIAN SPIRIT: “Aloha” means hello, goodbye and love. It’s a wonderful expression so say it often!