The tiny island republic of Trinidad and Tobago consists of two major islands and several smaller ones. Located at the southern end of the Caribbean Sea, the islands are the iconic tropical paradise, with romantic beaches, crystal blue seas, palm trees, waterfalls, colorful markets, music, nightlife and a fascinating history and culture. This makes them the classic choice for a honeymoon destination. The islands are also a foodie destination, with a cuisine marked by the flavors of their Spanish, African and Indian heritage and the use of fresh ingredients and seafood.

There’s a wealth of things to see and do – you can laze on white sand beaches, try scuba diving to marvel at the coral reefs, take nature trips or glamping mini-vacations, or hit the night life in the capital, Port-of -Spain. Trinidad is the birthplace of calypso, and home to the most spectacular Carnival in the Caribbean. Its rich culture is the product of the intermingling of indigenous, Spanish, African, English, French, Portuguese, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese influences.

Trinidad and Tobago are used to welcoming visitors, and there is an international airport on each island. The two islands are conveniently connected to each other by air and sea. Getting around locally is easy with a choice of transportation including buses, taxis, and rental cars. The islands follow British rules of the road, driving on the left hand side with right hand drive vehicles. Driving yourself can be an adventure for the uninitiated, but gives you more freedom to plan your itinerary.

Destinations to Explore

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