Molokai is nature’s version of taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. Peaceful scenes of a timeless ocean lapping at pristine shorelines. Landscape as untamed and awe-inspiring as when it first came into being. Beauty and serenity unlike anywhere else. The island is all that, and your Molokai honeymoon can be as relaxed or action-packed as you see fit.

The fifth largest Hawaiian island, Molokai rests almost in the center of the volcano archipelago state, with the lights of Honolulu on Oahu glimmering at night from the western side, and islands Lanai and Maui visible to the south. Here on Molokai there are no traffic lights or throngs of people and your days can be filled with quiet escapes sunbathing or fishing, taking a mule ride to coastal cliffs in Kalaupapa National Historical Park or perhaps indulging in the rich Polynesian culture at a delicious luau. After all, Molokai is the birthplace of hula.

Your honeymoon on Molokai is a return to an ancient visual feast of coconut trees, gorgeous waterfalls and plants and flowers that seem from a spectacular, long-gone epoch. This is a perfect getawaythat is as rewarding to the senses as it is to your very soul.

About Molokai

At a Glance

Molokai may be small—only 38 miles long and 10 miles wide—but it also is an island with very big and unique features. The cliffs bordering the sea on the northeast coast are the world’s highest at just under 4,000 feet, the southern coast boasts Hawaii’s longest fringing reef at 28 miles and Papohaku Beach with its white sand is among the state’s largest. And all in between you’ll find ample opportunity to indulge sailing, snorkeling, hiking and just plain enjoying an astoundingly pristine tropical paradise.

  • DRIVE THE EAST END. Cruise along for 30 miles as if on a Sunday car trip to experience the true beauty and untouched splendor of this heavenly island. See spectacular sights, pick fruit growing right off side of the road, stop for a quick swim and fall in love with each other all over again.
  • GET SANDY FEET. The brilliant white sands of Papohaku are a delight to see and feel as you stroll along the three-mile long beach. The waters tend to be a bit rough so swimming may not always be an option, but it’s the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.
  • KAYAK THE NORTH SHORE. You chose Molokai for your honeymoon because of its untouched natural beauty, and kayaking along the north shore brings you that to you minute after breathtaking minute. Towering waterfalls, isolated beaches and verdant tropical plant life are all there for your pleasure in one of the remotest places on earth. Be mindful that the ocean waves are calmer in late March and early April as well as during the summer.
  • GET DOWN IN IT. Snorkeling on the east end is a great option thanks to the calmer waters you’ll find here. As you make your way to the reef, you’ll come face to face with a staggering variety of exotic, colorful fish in a wonderful activity you won’t ever forget.
  • VISIT THE KAMAKOU PRESERVE. It’s hard to imagine what the world was like millions of years ago, but a fabulous and enjoyable hike on the Pepeopae Trail brings you as close as you’ll ever get! Expect incredible flora and a thoroughly memorable experience.
  • GO NUTS. The delicious macadamia nut is a Hawaiian staple that thrives in the remarkably fertile soil of the region. For a fun activity, take a tour of a macadamia nut farm (there’s one in Hoolehua near the airport) to learn how its grown and harvested, and, of course, to sample the goods.
  • FERRY OVER TO LAHAINA. In the morning or late afternoon, you can ferry across the Kalohi channel from Kaunakakai Harbor to Maui’s Lahaina Harbor. In about 90 minutes, you’ll make the trip with gorgeous views to spend a few hours or stay the night in Maui. It’s a beautiful excursion that, with a little planning, you can fit very nicely in your honeymoon.

Fast Facts

  • AVERAGE TEMPERATURE: 75 degrees F. However, remember to bring a jacket for nights and rainforests as well as warmer clothes for higher elevations. The island’s West End is dry and arid; the East End is wetter, greener and mountainous.
  • AREA CODE: (808)
  • TIME ZONE: Hawaii Standard Time (GMT-10 hours). Hawaii is 5 hours behind the US East Coast, 6 hours behind during Daylight Saving Time, which all of Hawaii does not observe.
  • LANGUAGES: English, Hawaiian
  • CURRENCY: U.S. dollar
  • ELECTRICITY: Same as continental United States

Honeymoon Hints

  • RENT A CAR: Car rentals are available, but book one well in advance of your honeymoon as the number of vehicles tends to run out quickly. Getting around is a breeze as there is only one two-lane road spanning the island. However, be aware that there is no public transportation and taxi service is limited.
  • START OFF RIGHT: Celebrate your honeymoon on Molokai with a lei greeting for you and your love upon arrival at the airport. Set the mood by arranging one with a call to (800) 367 5183
  • GET IN THE HAWAIIAN SPIRIT: “Aloha” means hello, goodbye and love. It’s a wonderful expression so say it often!