Destination Overview

A honeymoon on Mexico’s largest island, just 30 miles long and nine miles wide, is proof that great things can come in small packages. Cozumel is cozy, lovely, laid back and easy – easy on the eyes, easy to get around, easy to love. Lodging options go from big resorts and boutique ho-tels to traditional villas and bungalows. It also has many unique features that lovers love. Stun-ning Mexican Caribbean reefs around the island have been ranked as one of the world’s top five scuba diving sites, making the most of the Mexican Caribbean’s rich biodiversity.

The resort area is on the West Coast on both sides of the town of San Miguel. Snorkeling and other water sports are also fun due to the fact that water visibility is amazing. You can stand in the water with a mask and see everything. Attractions and activities are easy to find, and there’s lots to discover off the beaten path.

About Cozumel

At a Glance

  • CHANKANAAB PARK: Make a day of it for snorkeling, sunning, and cooling off in the botanical garden, seeing the mini museum and lunching by the clear blue waters of theMexican Caribbean.
  • COLOMBIA LAGOON: Located in Punta Sur, which is an ecological park, this lagoon was preserved to norish the flora and fauna of the southern region of the island. There are several observation points to this stunning lagoon.
  • DIVERS: Dive deep to see the sunken plane in front of El Cid La Ceiba Hotel. Snorkelers can top the car almost anywhere, stand in the water, and see the wonder of marine life.
  • SAN GERVASIO: See an ancient archeological site without having to leave the island.
  • WALK ABOUT: Explore along the downtown seaside promenade and side streets around sunset.
  • LAS PALMERAS: Have a meal or a snack here in front of the ferry terminal to fuel up for the rest of your stay! The vibe is casual but the food and service are fantastic, making this a well-known spot for excellent eats.
  • SNORKEL YOUR HEARTS OUT: Experience Cozumel’s world-class snorkeling at spots like Barracuda, Cardona, Chankaanab,Colombia, La Francesa, Paraíso, Punta Sur, and Pal-ancar.
  • ISLA DE COZUMEL MUSEUM: Combine seeing the island’s history with lunch or breakfast on the upstairs terrace overlooking the sea. This museum is a must-visit for cou-ples who want to learn more about the history, local indigenous art, and natural habitats of this wonderful island.

Honeymoon Hints

  • VISIT EL CIELO: literally translating as “The Sky,” El Cielo is a watery oasis formed from a shallow turquoise lagoon. Its name is due to the many starfish that inhabit the sea-bed.
  • ISLA DE LA PASIÓN: “Passion Island” has a beautiful beach with pristine waters and white powdery sand. It was a secret place where the Mayas used to go pray to the goddess Ixchel.

Travel Tips

  • WEATHER: Average year round temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • GETTING THERE: Cozumel is about 47 miles from the Cancun international airport. To get to the island, you have to take the ferry from Playa del Carmen.
  • CITY CODE: 987
  • SNORKEL WITH YOUR OWN: Bring your own snorkel mask so you won’t have to wait in line getting fitted for rentals and so you won’t miss any underwater excitement.
  • BUS IT UP: Ride the bus to major hotels on both sides of town.
  • TEST IT FIRST: Test drive rental cars or mopeds before you take off. Be especially careful with mopeds. Do not ride on loose roadside gravel.
  • KEEP IT CASUAL: Shorts and a tee shirt (not a tank top) will take you just about any-where by day; long pants and a shirt will do for the best restaurants and discos.
  • MARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS: If you’re planning to get married here, make sure you meet all legal requirements. You’ll find all information on marriage regulations here (link:

Bride, Groom & Witnesses should arrive early by 3-4 business days to fulfill all the wedding re-quirements
Valid passports: Make sure passports are current and accurate. Brides who have been divorced need to use a passport with their maiden name, rather than any married names they held.
Record the names, addresses, nationalities, ages, occupation, relationship, copy of a tourist card and a valid identification of all four witnesses. Your wedding planner or resort wedding coordi-nator can fill out the legal form. Your witnesses can be anyone who has a valid passport.
Blood test: A blood test is required. It costs $300 USD plus taxes (per couple), and it must be taken in Mexico. Take the test within 10 to a maximum of 12 days prior to your ceremony, or it may not be considered valid. The purpose is to test for HIV, STD’s (sexually transmitted diseas-es) and blood type, . The results will be ready in 24 hours, along with a certificate of completion. Talk to your wedding planner or resort wedding coordinator to arrange the blood test for you as soon as possible after your arrival in Mexico.
It costs around $500 USD + taxes for the city hall court fees and application process.
Ensure that your four witnesses all have a valid passport & tourist card along with their names, addresses, nationalities, ages, occupation, and your relationship to them. Your wedding planner can give you all required forms.
Your Marriage Certificate is only valid in Mexico. To ensure it will be recognized internationally, you need to send a copy to Mexico’s Validation Processing office. The fee is $165 USD + taxes, and processing can take anywhere from 1-3 months. Once the document is apostilled, the resort will send all documentation to your home address. Documents will be in Spanish, and many re-sorts offer translation services for an additional fee.