Montego Bay

Montego Bay Overview

Montego Bay is one of the most popular and colorful resort areas on the island. Its sprawling white sand beaches are a worldwide draw with planes and cruise ships unloading visitors, sunscreen in hand, all year round. Both Jamaica’s major international air gateway and the leading port for cruise ships are conveniently near the downtown area.

Water and land activities, an eclectic variety of nightlife and even a few historic colonial sites are easy to find and enjoy. Most visitors come through Montego Bay, making it well worth exploring before heading off to your final Jamaican honeymoon destination.

Nature loving couples are right at home here with jungles, rivers, beaches, lush green hills and turquoise harbors nearby. Plenty of couples decide to spend their whole honeymoon here when they fall in love with the gorgeous beaches and the fun and funky dining and nightlife scene.

There is an exceptionally wide variety of places to stay. An especially large number of all-inclusive properties (World famous Sandals resorts and Super Clubs were founded here). Check it out for yourselves and find out of Montego Bay is a perfect honeymoon getaway for the two of you.

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Tips and Advice


  • GETTING THERE: Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay is one of the leading entry points to the island. This airport can be congested, so it's a good idea to arrive extra early for departing flights and keep your eye on your luggage at all times! Montego Bay is a great place to spend a few days before taking off to other Jamaican destinations.  Getting fro the airport to your hotel can be a breeze if you make arrangements for an airport pickup in advance.
  • AIRPORT CODE: MBJ is the code for Sangster International Airport.


  • KEEPING IT REAL: The "Hip Strip" of Montego Bay is a ton of fun, but, as in any foreign city, keep your wits about you, especially after a cocktail or two!!!! The Strip is THE place to be after dark, but the same safety tips apply as in almost any "big city" nightlife area around the world:  Aggressive street vendors, drunk drivers and petty criminals are always something to be aware of.
  • TRY THE LOCAL STREET FOOD! Snacks from stands along the Hip Strip can be delicious! Authentic jerk pork or grilled spareribs with hot sauce are inexpensive treats.
  • MONEY MATTERS: Exchange rates will be more favorable at the airport, banks or your hotel rather than in shops or restaurants or on the street.
  • INSIDERS' TIPS: Many restaurant bills include service charges of 10-15%. It is not necessary to leave more unless the service has been spectacular!
  • MONEY SAVING DRINKS: Imported drinks such as Vodka and Scotch can be expensive. Save money for more fun by enjoying a cool Rum Punch or a local beer instead.
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