With towering mountains on one side and rolling hills on the other, Yunnan Province is a unique region with enough natural scenery to make you feel like you’re in a dreamland. It’s a large region in China scattered with many Prefectures brimming with old-world Chinese architecture, agricultural cities and a rainbow of flora and fauna.

The geography is so diverse you can find tropical rainforests, flowing rivers, dry deserts, green pines, and enormous mountains depending in what part of Yunnan you’re in. That means it’s an absolute wonderland for adventurous couples who aren’t afraid to trek out and explore on their honeymoon in China.

Of course, culture buffs won’t be disappointed either. There are Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, walled cities, ancient mountain communities and Lijiang, a city named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. More populated by minority groups than any other Chinese province, Yunnan is home to the many different festivals of its people, and if you plan ahead you might even catch one of the celebrations. Every city in Yunnan is like an enormous, open-air museum that could keep any curious couple busy for weeks.