The future of China is said to reside in Shanghai, a global financial center hurdling forward at lightning speed. Shanghai is the site of the world’s busiest container port, and with over 24 million residents, it’s fast becoming the most populated city in the world. Yet the city is also home to an impressive 153 public parks, with meticulously kept gardens and green space on every corner. A must-see on any trip to China, there’s always something new and exciting to see and do. Constantly evolving and progressing, this streamlined city is sure to impress even the most jaded traveler.

Shanghai might conjure up images of futuristic skyscrapers, flashing neon lights, and a sprawling concrete jungle. Once you visit this buzzing metropolis, however, you’ll discover that there’s so much more to the city than that. Diverse architecture is perhaps one of the most delightfully unexpected characteristics of Shanghai. Hundred-year-old Art Deco buildings, quaint lane houses, and sacred old temples abound, alongside modern marvels like the Oriental Pearl Tower and the world’s third tallest building, Shanghai Tower. This pairing of old and new extends to the city’s culture as well. Take a stroll around, and you’ll find stylishly dressed people with smartphone in hand, countless luxury cars, and gleaming designer storefronts. But you’ll also notice hints of a slower, more traditional lifestyle. Retirees diligently practice tai chi and calligraphy in the park each day, while sidewalk pedestrians instinctively yield to the ring of an oncoming bicycle’s bell.

People watching aside, there’s plenty of fun to be had by honeymooners in Shanghai. Let the fast, clean and efficient metro system whisk you and your love nearly anywhere in the city! Summit some the world’s tallest buildings in Pudong, admire the beautiful Chinese landscaping at Yu Yuan Gardens, or soak up the charming atmosphere of the tree-lined old French Concession. Take your lover’s hand and explore the ancient water towns of Qibao or Zhujiajiao, or find inner peace together at the serene Jing’an Temple. Be sure to save time for some retail therapy; shopping opportunities in Shanghai are top-notch. A romantic getaway to this modern metropolis is sure to satisfy the whims of urbanites and cultural adventurers alike.

About Shanghai

At a Glance

  • THE BUND: Just across the river from Shanghai’s famous skyline, this stretch of 20th century Art Deco buildings is a sight to behold itself. Enjoy world class nightlife at a swanky club, or take an epic Shanghai selfie on the scenic walkway over the river.
  • YU YUAN GARDENS: Inside, explore this beautifully landscaped Chinese garden, complete with koi ponds, rock gardens and curved pavilions for peaceful introspection. Outside, revel in the chaotic harmony of an always-bustling Asian marketplace.
  • OLD FRENCH CONCESSION: This region of Shanghai has a distinct French influence, hailing from a 19th century European settlement. Wander down the charming, tree lined streets, poking in and out of small shops as you go.
  • MARKETPLACES: The shopping options are seemingly endless in Shanghai.Have a suit or dress tailored at the South Bund Fabric Market (for as little as $100!), discover zany souvenirs in the winding alleys of Tianzifang, or luxury shop ‘til you drop on the posh Huaihai or Nanjing Roads.