Southeast Asia


Only recently opened to Western travelers, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), has opened its arms to honeymooners seeking the romance of a Southeast Asian land still unspoiled by big tourist crowds.

Though some regions are still not open to travelers, the sights and sounds of this ancient nation glisten with enchantment. From enormous golden Buddha statues and diamond-crusted temples to floating islands and beaches, from bustling cities to quiet farming villages, this country has enough incredible sights and scenery to fill a thousand romantic journeys.

Relax together on a golden beach looking out over the breathtaking Bay of Bengal, browse street markets for local foods and goods, stumble upon holy temples and gorgeous lakeside villages…fill your days with pure relaxation or rich culture and history. No matter how you spend it, a honeymoon in Myanmar is a journey into a wondrous world where you’ll find a romantic adventure unlike any other.