Known affectionately as the “Brazilian Caribbean,” Maragogi is the ultimate in romantic perfection. Maragogi lies between Maceio and Recife, approximately 125 Km from one city to the other. This tropical honeymoon wonderland is truly a paradise on Earth, standing out for its natural beauty and extensive coconut groves. The city beckons to couples seeking romance, and who just want to kick back and relax after the exhausting routine of wedding preparation. There are 3 areas in Maragogi that are open to visitors: The Welsh region, with almost six kilometers of coastline, and Barra Grande and Taocas to the north. All are incredibly beautiful in their own way.

Gastronomy is another strong point of the Maragogi region, with restaurants serving simple and delicious cuisine. This area’s specialty is seafood, with wonderful dining options at all the major beaches and towns. Be sure to try the famous cookie gum, a kind of candy made with butter and coconut milk that’s sold in the area’s bars and shops. The delicacy is produced in the town of St. Benedict, just four kilometers from Maragogi.

From the beaches to the culture, from the food to the fun, Maragogi is a gorgeous lover’s dream come true. Experience the sweetness firsthand, and prepare to embark on the perfect honeymoon in Brazil.