Central Europe


Combining European romance with amazing affordability, Hungary is an easy destination for honeymooners to gloss over. We say, don’t! From a romantic night walk beneath the sparkly lights of the Danube Promenade in Budapest, to dazzling views of Hungary’s rolling hills at Mátra Nature Reserve, adventurers from hip urbanites to nature-loving outdoors fanatics will be right at home with Hungary’s vibrant cities and gorgeous natural escapes.

Head to the small-town thermal spa mecca of Sárvár to heal and refresh in hot mineral springs, or soak in Lake Hévíz – the largest thermal lake in the world, all surrounded by a lush European nature preserve. Hop a ferry to the Tihany Peninsula, where history lovers can explore royal 11th-century tombs and stone hermit colonies, nature buffs can sail across volcanic lakes, and small restaurants woe foodies with local wine, fresh fish, and charmingly rustic environs.

Hungary is honeymoon bliss that won’t break the bank, so grab your sweetheart and start exploring!

About Hungary

At a Glance

  • Go Thermal: Hungary’s hot springs are a must- do, whether you soak at a hotel in Sárvár or go on your own with a visit to Lake Hévíz.
  • Caves & Castles: Gallivant your way to Lillafüred to explore castles and caves, or check out the caves in Budapest. Dramatic stalactites and stone columns form an underground maze just as gorgeous as it is otherworldly. Renovated cave baths built into the rocks allow you to soak up the hot, mineral-rich water in a beautiful, semi-subterranean setting.
  • Fairytale Forests: Hike through rich, verdant nature preserves and across rolling hills, or buy a pair of tickets for the “Forest Train” to take a quaint rail ride winding through the greenery in Lillafüred.
  • World Heritage Sites: From underground caves to Budapest castles and old Christian ruins, Hungary has enough UNESCO World Heritage Sites for several honeymoons over.
  • Bike It Up: Bike stands throughout Budapest make it easy to grab a pair of wheels and explore even more of this dynamic city.

Honeymoon Hints

  • Getting In: Most flights arrive in Budapest or Debrecen. Some travelers catch a bus from Vienna, but as honeymooners, you’d probably like to avoid the three-hour ride.
  • Getting Around: As in most of Europe, trains in and around neighboring countries have generally excellent and convenient service. Border control is strict, so have any necessary documents in order to avoid delays and hang-ups.
  • Tipping: At restaurants, tip 10% or more. It’s customary to inform your server of what total you’ll be paying rather than to quietly leave the tip on the table, as is the custom in the United States.
  • When to Visit: Summertime in Hungary is gorgeous, but you can avoid summertime vacation crowds by honeymooning in spring, fall, or even winter — the thermal springs stay hot year-round!
  • Budapest Metro: The underground metro is a great way to get to major tourist destinations in Budapest, but be ready and aware that most metro staff do not speak English.
  • Foodies Explore: Budapest’s touristy areas, like Vaci street, have lots of eating options. However, prices are inflated. Explore around to find hidden gems where the prices are lower and the food is even better.
  • Check Your Change: Hungary uses the Hungarian florint as currency. Taxi drivers or a less reputable sort have been known to scam tourists by giving change with worthless foreign currency. Take a quick look at your change to make sure it’s valid Romanian money.