Reykjavik Residence

4-star hotel
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Reykjavik Residence

Reykjavik Residence is for the kind of couple who values the freedom of a home away from home. These brand new apartment accommodations might be your ideal choice. Designed with the independent traveler in mind, Reykjavik Residence provides a level of flexibility that hotels can’t match. Plus, you’re in a historic building, so you get that touch of classic Reykjavik charm.

The luxury suites here are perfect for those seeking a special and memorable stay. Whether you’re on a romantic honeymoon or a business trip, these accommodations cater to your needs. You have the option to start your day with delightful breakfast baskets delivered straight to your room or savor a savory selection at Port 9, conveniently located next door.

Speaking of Port 9, it’s not just a wine bar; it’s an experience. Imagine sipping the best wines, savoring appetizers, and basking in an atmosphere of classical grandeur and timeless elegance. Reykjavik Residence doesn’t just offer a place to stay; it offers an unforgettable journey in the heart of Iceland capital.