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The sun on your back, the breeze in your hair, you kick back and relax without even a care: you’re in Ocho Rios, and your perfect Caribbean honeymoon began the moment you stepped off the plane.

Once a quaint fishing village tucked into a picturesque bay, Ocho Rios is now a hotspot for sizzling nightlife, a cosmopolitan dining scene, luxe resorts, and pulse-pounding tours through the jungles, beaches and waterfalls of Jamaica’s stunning north coast. A major port of call for cruise ships entering Jamaica, Ocho Rios is one of the hearts of Jamaican tourism for its picturesque location, breathtaking scenery and tons for couples to see and do.

From splashing with dolphins to soaking under Dunn’s River Falls, the natural scenery bursts with every cliche of tropical paradise. There’s lots of fun shopping in town along with party-hearty bars and international restaurants that will redefine your idea of a Caribbean meal. From relaxing white-sand beaches to a candlelit dinner for two, Ocho Rios is a honeymoon postcard come to life.



About Ocho Rios

At a Glance

  • DUNN’S RIVER FALLS: Located west of downtown, Dunn’s River Falls are some of the world’s most beautiful. Set in breathtaking Jamaican jungle, you hear the roaring falls long before you see them. Hire a guide when you arrive on the beach or climb the steps to the falls on your own (climbing on the left side is easier,) and your ascent will be rewarded by one of the most awe-inspiring sights in Jamaica. We recommend avoiding peak hours (10am-4pm) for fewer crowds, and wear sturdy shoes (flip flops will be dangerous), but in a worst-case you can rent rubber booties at the ticket area. Put your wallet in a plastic bag and take it with you, or only take the cash you need. Rental lockers are available but not as safe as a good zipper pocket.
  • BOB MARLEY MAUSOLEUM: Reggae lovers and Rastafarian devotees will want to take a quick trip to pay tribute to the musical genre’s foremost legend. Located in Nine Mile, the rural village where he was born, the scenic country drive is a worthy outing all its own. Once you arrive you can get a guided tour from a local Rastafarian to learn all there is to know about one of music’s most legendary icons.
  • OCHO RIOS BAY: Ocho Rios’ main beach is an elongated crescent of white sand with the bay’s azure waters sparkling in between. Also known as Turtle Beach, this is a must-see couple’s spot for relaxing and romancing no matter which name you use.
  • JAMES BOND BEACH: Famously the setting for the first-ever James Bond film, Dr. No, James Bond Beach is a pretty spot to take envy-inducing photos, enjoy some excellent snorkeling or get jerk chicken and a cocktail at the beach bar. Get a look at the home of Ian Fleming, author of the 007 novels, or just enjoy the natural scenery and order two honeymoon martinis like Bond ordered his: shaken, not stirred.
  • BEYOND THE COAST: Jamaica is known for its beaches, but its jungles and mountains are breathtaking as well. Spend some time exploring the lush island interior as well as the coasts!
  • CAVE VALLEY: A gorgeous natural scenic wonderland featuring Cave River, which flows from the underground to the jungles above, Cave Valley offers great hikes where couples can discover a historic village, verdant forests and a complex system of caves.
  • MAKE A SPLASH: Jamaica is a haven for snorkeling, diving, tubing, kayaking, and nearly every other activity you can think of. You can get lots of fun in the sun in the Caribbean, but there’s lots more to be enjoyed in the winding rivers, cave systems and waterfalls of the Ocho Rios interior. Check out Chukka Caribbean Adventures or take a look at our Ocho Rios Activities section for more ideas.



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