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Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

Destination Overview

Though small in size relative to most European countries, Switzerland possesses exquisite natural scenery, picturesque villages, sophisticated cities, a rich cultural heritage and a stunning backdrop for your honeymoon whether you visit in winter, spring, summer or fall.

Ideally suited for a winter honeymoon, Switzerland offers some of the world’s premiere skiing destinations. For a luxurious experience plus world-renown slopes, head for Davos, St. Moritz or Klosters in the Graubunden area of Switzerland.

For a more cosmopolitan honeymoon, consider taking in the sights of Geneva. Much of the city can be explored on foot: from the shopping area along the Rue du Rhone to the serene gardens at the Jardin Boutique in the International area. You can even experience a performance of classical music in the majestic 19th-century Baitiment des Forces Matrices which rests in the middle of the Rhone.

Zurich’s charm and romance will enchant you. This city rests by the River Limmat and entices all visitors with its beautifully restored buildings, impressionistic bridges, and restaurants with a guild hall ambiance and impressive Swiss cuisine. This is the place for a lovely and loving interlude — especially in Spring time.

For a more peaceful retreat, head for Berner Oberland where views of the Jungfrau, crystalline lakes, castles and flower-lined promenades set the stage for picture-perfect stays. If driving through Berner Oberland, you can easily explore the historic village of Gstaad. A modest drive will also take you to the shores of Lake Geneva where you can visit the famous sundrenched vineyards of Lavaux.

In Switzerland, you will re-capture each other’s hearts over and over again returning home with lasting memories of a cherished honeymoon experience.