Búzios is a dream-like honeymoon destination in Brazil where the simple and the sophisticated are united in a harmonious relationship. The region is complete with a festive atmosphere that stretches from the beaches to the restaurants and even a trendy nightlife scene, which helps to define the unique character of the city.

Flirt and walk hand in hand along the seaside promenade known as Orla Bardot, an activity that’s even more romantic with the sparkling city lights at night. Explore the unbridled beauty of the area’s 23 beaches, each with its own unique personality. From the calmest and most secluded (due to more difficult access), such as Brava and Bull’s Eye, to the most famous such as John Fernandes, Turtle and Geribá, the variety of beach options abounds.

Summer in Búzios is like a personal invitation from the Honeymoon Gods to discover one of Brazil’s most charming romantic destinations, but the beauty of this South American beach city is reflected in all seasons. It’s a delightfully-romantic city full of gorgeous beaches and people, delightful restaurants and enough nightlife variety to satisfy homebodies and party-heads alike. A honeymoon in Búzios is for the couples who truly want the best of it all.