South America


Even at a quick glance it’s easy to see how diverse, unique and exciting all the countries of South America are. But what makes an Argentina honeymoon pop out from that of its neighbors is the actual depth of beauty and uniqueness of the country and culture you’ll experience all throughout its 23 provinces and autonomous city, Buenos Aires. Stretching long and thin on the southern half of the continent, Argentina shares a tremendous border to the west with Chile; Bolivia and Paraguay are to the north; Brazil and Uruguay are to the northeast and due east is hundreds and hundreds of miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline.

The breadth of remarkableness in both the physical land and the people is astounding: you could dance the tango in Buenos Aires, backpack across a glacier, sample the goods of one of the world’s best wine regions, hike through the spectacle of Patagonia and so much more all within the same borders.

Here in the world’s largest Spanish-speaking country, the majority of the population lives in the major cities. Wherever you go, you’ll discover that a European essence infuses the cuisine, architecture and style, blending with the one-of-a-kind personality of the Argentines themselves. These wonderful people are world renowned for their fascinating art, literature, history and contributions to science and technology.

All of this adds up to something special. And what that means to you is that an Argentina honeymoon can easily be anything you want it to be: cosmopolitan sophistication, rugged wilderness adventure or even laid-back excursion to the charming countryside.

About Argentina

At a Glance

Argentina is the eighth largest country overall, which means you’ve got a pretty big playground at your disposal within its immense borders. There’s the giant Andes Mountains on the west, the low-lying farmland of the Pampas plains region, massive rivers, the stunning and stark beauty of Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego, beautiful and vibrant cities, forests and glaciers—pretty much any ecology and geography from the subtropics to the subarctic. It’s also one of those active, get-your-hands-dirty locations with great opportunity for backpacking, skiing, whale watching, fishing, horseback riding, all types of sports (especially football!) and even surfing up north. For those seeking culture or more easy-going pursuits, this beautiful nation is brimming with excellent bird watching, museums, exquisite theater and world-class shopping.

  • FALL IN LOVE WITH THE FALLS: In the northeast, a gorgeous waterfall is so massive and spectacular it can’t be contained by just one country. Within a huge protected national park, Iguazu Falls are a system of 275 waterfalls that overlap into three countries—Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The sections that fall in each are all gorgeous and impressive, yet you may find that Argentina’s, which includes the Devil’s Throat, is a little more so. Iguazu is a breathtaking outing you won’t want to miss.
  • GO GAUCHO: Gauchos, a.k.a. cowboys, are an iconic feature of Argentina well known for their cooking style that makes the most of this nation’s world-famous beef. You’ll find gaucho cooking showcased at barbecue restaurants called parillas, where steak, ribs, chicken, sausage and other gaucho staples are elevated to an otherworldly realm of deliciousness. Be warned, though…once you go gaucho, you may never want to come back!
  • HEAT UP IN A HOT SPRING: How’s this for romance? Grab your new spouse and head out to the intimate seclusion of Termas de Lahuen Có nestled in the woodland beauty of a temperate rainforest, surrounded by the lakes and hills
  • of Lanín National Park. Ease into the thermal spa, powered by volcanic activity for the ultimate in pampered indulgence.
  • COOL DOWN ON A GLACIER: Here’s a hike that will stick in your memory for a long time—take a guided tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Seemingly bottomless crevices, craggy ice ridges and sweeping glacial expanses are waiting to be tackled. More skilled hikers can head further in, but everyone will be wowed by the thrill of the chill!
  • ENJOY NATURE’S TUXEDOED TREASURES: Like penguins? Then you’ll love autumn in Argentina. Punta Tombo National Reserve, which can be reached by car or in a tour, is the special spot for a mind-numbing amount of Magellan penguins to revisit each year to lay their eggs. Gathered in a million or more, they are quite friendly and don’t mind you amongst them. This is a wonderful natural moments that is truly unforgettable.
  • HIT THOSE WAVES: Though it may seem better suited for a more northerly country like Brazil, Argentina has a great love for water fun. Though much of the country is in cooler climates, up north people enjoy surfing on boards and wind- and kite-surfing at the many fantastic beaches such as Peru Beach near Buenos Aires. In fact, January is the time of the annual Wind Riders Festival in Bariloche, but be careful: the waters can be rather extreme in Patagonia.
  • ENTER WINE COUNTRY: The wine roads of Mendoza are renowned worldwide, but incredibly lack the throngs visitors that you’d find in the U.S. or Europe. Wending your way by car through the region offers a double delight: for one, Mendoza and the area is absolutely gorgeous especially with the mighty Andes off in the distance. And two, you’ll come across 80 or more wineries, many free of charge to visit, that offer tastings, tours and a day relaxing with Argentina’s fine wines.
  • GET OUT THERE: Argentina’s boundaries are literally bursting at the seams with spectacular landscape for you to hike. Each region offers an incredibly diverse range of options from the massive Andes in the west, lush valleys in the center, high plains up north and the glaciers and stunning scenery of Tierra del Fuego down south. Excellent quality trails and tours can fit your schedule from day hikes to weeklong camping excursions in beautiful national parks and breathtaking countryside.

Fast Facts

  • AREA CODES: 54 is Argentina’s country code. Local area codes can have 2, 3 or even 4 numbers. For example, Buenos Aires is 11, La Plata is 221, and Resistencia is 3722.
  • CURRENCY: The Argentinian Peso, which is broken up into 100 centavos.
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish. Argentina has more Spanish speakers than anywhere else in the world. English is widely spoken as well as a bit of German and French, but learning a bit of Spanish, especially key phrases, will go a long way to bridging any communication gap.
  • GETTING AROUND: Argentina is a very big country both in size and things to do. There are many ways to travel, so do your research first. For example, due to its extensive and efficient system, buses are better to get around than trains. Renting a car or flying from locale to locale is always an option, too.
  • DRIVING: Argentinians drive on the right side of the road.
  • WHEN TO GO: All year offers a bounty of incredible things to do in Argentina. Of course, when to go is largely based on what you plan to do. Being in the Southern Hemisphere means winter is June – August and summer is December – March. The northern part of the country can get quite hot, while the temperate mid and lower sections can be quite cool. Visiting the Andes and Patagonia is best in the summer to take advantage of the longer light and warmth, while up north is cooler in winter.
  • ELECTRICITY: The country uses 220 Volts as is found in Europe.
  • TIME ZONE: Argentina is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time, which is also -3 Greenwich Mean Time, and -2 during Daylight Savings March through October.

Destinations to Explore

Additional honeymoon destinations in Argentina you may want to consider: