What to Pack for Your Honeymoon

When packing for your honeymoon it is important to have a check list in addition to a few little secrets that make your wardrobe go further without bursting out of your bag. These are just a few of our recommendations on what to pack for your honeymoon (or any romantic getaway):

  • Fold up beach/travel bag (even if you are not going tropical, pack this extra bag so you have something to take extra purchases home!)
  • Toiletries: Shampoo & Conditioner, Additional hair products (Hair Dryer, Gel or Spray, Anti Frizz products, Hair ties & clips, Hair brush or comb), Razor & shaving gel & Moisturizers, Birth Control/Lubricant
    • Mini plastic bags filled with various medications: Imodium, Aspirin or Advil, A gentle laxative (just in case), your vitamins
    • Perfume & deodorant
    • Nail polish (to touch up) or even better - treat yourself to a gel manicure before the wedding. It should last through your honeymoon.
  • Clothing
    • 2 bathing suits (if you are not going tropical, one suit is fine)
    • Sexy PJs (hello, it’s your honeymoon!!)
    • Lingerie
    • One formal dress (unless your vacation has more then one formal evening planned!)
    • A chic, fashionable hat: this way your face is protected from UV rays
    • For every pair of shorts you pack, include 2 shirts with it (so that you can mix and match).
    • Pack one pair of pants along with two tops
    • Pack 3 sundresses - more or less depending on the length and location of your trip
  • Don't Forget: to leave a contact list to whomever is watching your house.  This way they can always contact you in case of an emergency
    • Bring something with SPF for your lips too. You do not want to spend your honeymoon with burned LIPS!
    • Have a secret stash of cash hidden on you at all times.
    • Bring copies of your passport & travel documents.
    • Have emergency contacts & doctor information with you & have a detailed list of you and your partner's medications.
  • Turn up the Romance: 
    • Try the Scandle Candle to heat things up...
    • The Tan Towel or Self Tanning creams with SPF.  Don't over-sun and risk a bad burn that will make you miserable the rest of the trip. Everyone looks extra sexy with some great tanned skin!
    • Splurge for a bikini or Brazilian wax before your honeymoon - make sure you talk with your aesthetician prior to your wedding about how long before the big day you should wax.


We hope these ideas help in your planning. Let us know if you have any suggestions to add to our list - find us on social media!

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