What to Pack for Your Honeymoon

Over the past few weeks, we have received emails requesting information and ideas on what to pack for your honeymoon or next romantic adventure. We decided to share some ideas to help you pack just what you need! Start making that list..


When packing for your honeymoon it is important to have a check list in addition to a few little secrets that make your wardrobe go further without bursting out of your bag. These are just a few must-pack items:


  • Fold up beach/travel bag (even if you are not going tropical, pack this extra bag so you have something to take extra purchases home!)
This handy bag holds it ALL, from maps to a water bottle and your room key


  • Toiletries
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Additional hair products: (Hair Dryer, Gel or Spray, Anti Frizz                                             products, Hair ties & clips, Hair brush or comb)
  • Razor & shaving gel & Moisturizers
  • Birth Control/Lubricant
  • Mini plastic bags filled with various medications: Imodium, Aspirin or Advil, A gentle laxative (just in case), a water pill, your vitamins
  • Q tips, cotton balls (your hotel may have this)
  • Perfume & deodorant
  • Nail polish (to touch up)
Try this wonderful all natural lubricant by Aloe Cadabra!


Try This Wonderful Tinted Sunblovk by BeCome.
  • Clothing
  • 2 bathing suits (if you are not going tropical, one suit is fine)
  • Sexy PJs (hello, it’s your honeymoon!!)
  • Lingerie
  • One formal dress (unless your vacation has more then one formal evening planned!)
  • A chic, fashionable hat: this way your face is protected from UV rays
Don't forget a hat for both of you, it's great for touring and the beach!


  • For every pair of shorts you pack, include 2 shirts with it.
  • Pack one pair of pants along with two tops
  • Pack 3 sundresses


Don't Forget: to leave a contact list to whomever is watching your house.  This way they can always contact you in case of an emergency

Must Do’s:
Be sure to bring something with SPF for your lips too. You do not want to spend your honeymoon with burned LIPS!
Have a secret stash of cash hidden on you at all times.
Have copies of your passport & travel documents.
Have emergency contacts & doctor information with you & have a detailed list of you and your partner's medications.


For extreme trips, try the 911 medical ID portable USB found in most drug stores. This will hold all of your medical history.


Romantic Must-haves:

  • Try the Scandle Candle to heat things up....
The Travel Scandle Candle! Light and Perfect!


  • The Tan Towel or Self Tanning creams with SPF.  Don't over-sun and risk a bad burn. And who does not look extra sexy with some great tanned skin!
  • Your camera and or video camera.  If you plan on being alone and want to capture photos together then don't miss the x-shot, the portable photo saver!
Never miss another great moment of you and your loved one!


We hope these ideas help. Check back often for more great packing tips!



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