How to Pick a Wedding Videographer

You're getting married and you want a videographer, but you don't know where to start. That's okay! Our Atlanta Wedding Videography friends at Rooted Pine Films share five things to asses when considering a videographer. Some food for thought, so to say, before making the big decision.

Assess Your Wants

Stop! Before you Google anything else, make sure you know what YOU want. Your wedding day is about you and your fiancée, but talking to vendors and negotiating sometimes makes it feel like the day is about them. What is it that you want to get out of your videographer? Maybe you only want a film of your ceremony; maybe you want them to follow you everywhere for the entire day, then make a custom film for you; or maybe you want it all: ceremony, reception, toasts, rehearsal dinner, dancing, cake, departure, etc. First figure out your wants, then you're off to the races and can ignite those search engines.

Assess Your Budget

So you've begun searching for the perfect wedding videographer to meet your needs, but then you start seeing those prices. Yikes! Truthfully, a skilled occupation will never be cheap, but to make sure you get when you want, make sure your needs and budget are attainable. This is definitely the hardest part of planning for your videographer, but it is also the most important. If you hire someone at low-cost, you take the risk of maybe getting a bargain-rate video; but if you do your research, and leave a little wiggle room in your budget, then you are guaranteed to be happy with your videographer's final product.

Assess Their Work

OK, you've assessed your wants and have an idea of your budget. Now you can start checking out the great videographers in your area. The great part about this industry is that an expert videographer will have a beautiful, public.y displayed portfolio. ALWAYS watch a handful of wedding videos by each videographer before you make your decision. Videographers are supposed to be original story tellers, and you're hiring them to help document your story. If all their videos are identical, consisting of the same shots and cuts (and maybe even music), then they are not worth your time or money. Your love story is personal, make sure their work is personal as well.

Assess Your Style

When hiring a wedding vendor for a creative service like wedding photography or videography, there is a lot of trust involved. You hire the vendors you hire, not only because they are good at what they do, but because you trust them to do it for you. Take an inventory of what you've seen before in wedding videos. Recognize what you like and what you don't like. What captivated your interest, and what bores you to no end. Trusting your creative vendors to "do their thing" is great advice, and usually helpful advice, but if they are unwilling to listen to your wants and needs, then they're not a good fit for you. Don't be afraid to request a creative consult and in that meeting, express your desires, fears, tastes and interests. And if they are doing it for the right reasons, they will work with you to create the best wedding film you can imagine.

Assess Their Work Ethic

Finally, the last assessment before decision- making time. We live in an age where reviews are everything. Do your research about a handful of videographers you like. Ask your Facebook friends if they have used these companies; look at their reviews on multiple wedding websites; or simply email them and ask them if they can meet your needs and budget. A tell-tale sign of a videographer with a poor work ethic is a person who is unwilling to hear you out. You will be impressed by how considerate people can be; they may even treat you to a cup of coffee as you discuss further details of your wedding festivities.

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