Mini Moons

For those of you who need to postpone the expense of a major honeymoon trip, but long for a romantic interlude to celebrate that long-dreamed-of marriage, then a “Mini-moon” may be just the thing for you.

These abbreviated trips can be just as intimate and just as exciting as other more elaborate romantic getaways. With a Mini-moon, your vacation destination is usually within driving distance, or just a short two or three hour hop by plane. You’ll realize that by traveling a shorter distance, you’ll have more time for each other and even more of those cherished moments that last a lifetime! Best of all, Mini-moons are easily booked. They are often available as packages that include a chilled bottle of champagne, a bouquet of flowers, breakfast in bed, and even a couple’s massage. So, just because a Mini-moon is brief, it doesn’t mean it’s less fulfilling. It can truly be a memorable prelude to that timeless honeymoon awaiting you in the future. Since “Mini-moons” may not be a name recognized by some hotels and destinations, we’ve included here a variety of “Romance” packages which are very similar in nature. Have fun browsing through our selection of Mini-moons; and if you know of some great ones that we haven’t listed here, send us an email and we’ll consider adding it to our Mini-moons roster.

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