Destination Overview

From the first greeting of e komomai, you know you are in for an exceptional “event” vacation. Known as the Garden Isle, Kauai embraces you with a grace, beauty and sheer emotional impact that are almost surreal in their loveliness. Hawaii’s fourth largest island in the archipelago is the furthest north and oldest geologically. Your honeymoon on Kauai will set you in the center of intense natural brilliance withgreen valleys lined by jagged mountains, sprinkled with stunning tropical rainforests, wandering rivers and cascading waterfalls. Whether you want a romantic getaway that’s relaxed or action packed, you’ll get a Kauai honeymoon located in a true piece of heaven on earth.

Celebrating your honeymoon in Kauai will make you feel an awesome connection with this startlingly untouched island, which is divided into five sections North Shore (Princeville), East Side (Coconut Coast), Lihue (Kalapaki), South Shore (Poipu) and West Side (Waimea). Whether soaring above the striking Napali Coast or hiking Waimea Canyon, Kauai offers you adventures in land, sea and sky rivaling any spectacle you’ve ever experienced.

However you choose to explore on your Kauai honeymoon, be it kayaking the Wailua River, snorkeling at Poipu Beach, walking on Kokee State Park trails or zip lining through leafy valleys, you’ll feel the aloha spirit of the local charm of the land and people. Their ho’okipa, or hospitality, is as laid-back yet meaningful, sumptuous, and undeniably as alluring as Kauai. Also home to a variety of fun and interesting festivals throughout the year, honeymooners should check to see which celebrations you’d most like to join during your romantic getaway. From Hawaiian music and art exhibitions to coconut festivals honoring the island’s native fruit, these fun-filled events are a great way to get closer to Kauai’s culture and history while also making for an unforgettable honeymoon date!

The island is also home to world-class golfing with some of the best scenery around, so check out our Kauai Golf Honeymoon Tips page for ideas on getting a game or two into your honeymoon schedule. For some general ideas on activities for your own romantic trip check out our survey of the concierge desks from some of the island’s top hotels, where we got their top picks for great couples’ activities on this ever-alluring isle. Couples of all types agree: honeymoons in Kauai are truly celebrations in paradise.

About Kauai

At a Glance

  • SOAK UP THE SCENERY: Called the “Garden Island,” Kauai’s natural scenery is nothing short of breathtaking. Hiking, biking and horseback riding are some of the best ways to soak up the isle’s most marvelous sights, but the island’s golf courses are another route to experiencing the incredible vistas. From wildlife sanctuaries to crystal waterfalls and sparkling bays, the Kauai honeymoon views are as romantic as they come, no matter which activities you choose.
  • DIVE IN: Couples choosing a honeymoon in Kauai will want to spend some time on the world-class beaches, but there’s even more to see if you jump in the water! Snorkel, dive, swim, rent paddleboards or surfboards and experience the love of Kauai through the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.
  • PARTY DOWN: Hawaii is known for its Luaus, fun-filled Polynesian parties where you can feast around the tiki torches and dance your pants off with Hawaiian performers. For something more relaxed, have a romantic dinner during one of the island’s legendary sunsets or, for the best of both, follow up your sunset dinner with a luau to romance and dance the night away!
  • FLY THROUGH THE SKY: If love is in the air, why not take your honeymoon to the sky? Your romantic getaway to Kauai is a trip to a tropical wonderland, and seeing the island from a helicopter gives you a view you won’t get anywhere else. Zoom over the green cliffs, white waterfalls and golden beaches and prepare to be left in absolute awe.
  • SAIL THE SEAS: Get a different perspective on the islands from a chartered boat. You’ll see different parts of the island in all their beauty, and all you have to do is kick back, hold your sweetheart and enjoy the ride.
  • IT TAKES TWO: Rent a tandem kayak and experience Kauai’s beauty as you share the experience of paddling together through paradise. Tandem ziplines can get you soaring through the forest with your honey strapped close, and sharing an ATV will get adrenaline flowing as you zoom along beautiful nature trails hugging your heartthrob. With so many activities to share, Kauai is truly a couples’ paradise!

Fast Facts

  • WHEN TO VISIT: Kauai has the least rainfall from April to November, but prices can be significantly cheaper in the tourism “off season,” from April to June and September to December (before Christmas).
  • GETTING THERE: Flights are usually 10-11 hours to Honolulu from New York City, or just 5 hours or so from Los Angeles. From Honolulu, you’ll hop on a short flight to Lihue Airport on Kauai. Couples from the west coast of the US can even find direct flights to Lihue.
  • GETTING AROUND: Rental cars are the best way to get around, but bicycles are a fun way to see the island up close! You can also call taxis to take you around, and buses go to major areas but won’t go to more rural attractions. Hiking couples will have a honeymoon in Kauai filled with some of the most breathtaking treks they’ve ever had!
  • LANGUAGE: English and Hawaiian. The locals love peppering conversation with Hawaiian (especially greetings), and feel free to join them! Fear not, however – English is spoken everywhere.
  • CLIMATE: Kauai is wonderful year-round, with temperatures usually from 70-85 Farenheit and in the 90s during summertime. Kauai gets the most rainfall and grayer skies from November to March.
  • CURRENCY: As in all 50 US states, the US Dollar is the currency. The international airport at Honololu has exchange windows for you to convert your cash.
  • ELECTRICITY: 120v/60HZ