Southern Europe


Photo by Morgan on Unsplash

Destination Overview

Rolling mountains, sandy coasts, thick forests and golden plains…a honeymoon in Croatia is a trip to all kinds of paradise. You might stay in a European city surrounded by centuries-old walls and towering forts, or in a coastal resort where the Adriatic Sea is so close you can practically feel it kissing your feet.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a cluster of wooden hills and pristine lakes. Couples can discover gorgeous waterfalls and stumble upon the enchanting wildlife, from badgers and foxes to hawks and boars. It’s a place drawn straight from the fairytales, where magic seems possible and love comes to life.

History buffs will want to check out Roman ruins like Diocletian’s Palace. This incredible relic is a piece of history and a living museum where Croatians not only live, but have shops and restaurants open for business within the ancient walls!

Tons of other ruins and palaces await, but for couples who would rather laze on the beach the western coast is lined with beaches and dotted with islands. Croatia is a haven for nudists, and although nudity is not required even on the “naturist” beaches, more conservative couples will want to research beaches beforehand if they don’t want to stumble upon lots of naked strangers. Nude or clothed, Croatian beaches are a true honeymoon treat.

From fascinating history to funky cities, unspoiled islands and virgin forests, a diverse landscape and beaches to die for, a honeymoon in Croatia is a journey to Europe’s heavenly heart…book a package to Croatia and let this incredible land take your breath away.