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Destination Overview

Tanzania is a wildly romantic place for a honeymoon. The striking wildlife, remote and romantic lodges and camps, quiet beauty and spectacular national parks make Tanzania not just an ideal place for your honeymoon, but a place to have the adventure of a lifetime. Tanzania is home to iconic safari destinations such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, and the unforgettable Mount Kilimanjaro. Newlyweds visiting Tanzania will discover a country that’s slightly off the beaten track, yet still able to offer its guests thrilling safaris with luxurious accommodation in extraordinary places. Mobile camps that follow the Great Migration, nature treks in the jungle, and dinner under the stars are just a few of the experiences you’ll keep in your hearts forever.

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa, boasting a large number of amazing safari destinations, and some of the best beaches and islands in Africa. Tanzania is also home to the greatest wildlife show on earth – the Great Migration, Witness this true wonder of nature as you watch hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and other herd animals migrate across the endless African plains. Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, offers rocky trails and muddy slopes that challenge climbers up to a stately snow-capped summit. Your reward: the thrill of standing at the top with breathtaking views. The North is an area of untamed natural beauty, rolling hills, rivers, forests and open plains. There, you can explore the world famous Serengeti National Park, the geographical marvel that is the Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara National Park. The Southern Safari Circuit is equally stunning and much less populated with travelers – it contains the Selous Game Reserve, Africa’s largest game reserve.

After all those early morning game drives and action-packed days on safari, winding down at your own pace on a secluded tropical beach could be the perfect ending to your Tanzanian honeymoon. That’s right, stunning natural landscapes and wildlife aren’t the only things that enchant honeymooners. Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coastline is absolutely magical, with tranquil islands and sleepy coastal villages. The country’s legendary safari destinations, along with its superb Indian Ocean coastline make Tanzania the ideal destination to combine a safari and beach honeymoon.

Wherever you go, opportunities abound for getting to know Tanzania’s people and cultures. Meet red-cloaked Maasai warriors. Spend time with the semi-nomadic Barabaig. Experience the hospitality of a local meal or the rhythms of traditional dance. Watch Makonde carvers bring wood to life. Chat and barter at local markets in the Usambara Mountains. More than anything else, it’s the Tanzanians themselves – with their characteristic warmth and politeness, the dignity and beauty of their cultures – who make a visit to the country so memorable.

Tanzania’s selection of intimate accommodations is as rich and varied as the wildlife, ranging from unrestrained luxury suites to tucked-away cottages and classic tented safari camps. Whether you prefer a lodge in an Edwardian Manor House style, a luxurious yet traditional tented camp, or a contemporary and lavish experience, you’ll be blown away by the quality accommodations you can experience out in the middle of the African wilderness.

Tanzania, home to iconic safari destinations such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, is undoubtedly one of the world’s wildest and most beautiful honeymoon destinations. From witnessing the great migration in the Serengeti and viewing the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater, to a relaxing and romantic beach stay on the spice island of Zanzibar, a Tanzania honeymoon is sure to leave you with lasting memories. Whatever you seek on your African honeymoon – be it safari, sea or solitude – Tanzania will deliver.

About Tanzania

At a Glance

Roam with magnificent herds of elephants, hear the calls of lions or climb to the misty mountaintop of Kilimanjaro. Spot cheetah, gazelle, black rhino and the elusive leopard on a game drive. Enjoy a sundowner as the sun dips below the horizon and fall asleep under the stars. Tanzania is the epitome of African safaris.

  • FOLLOW THE TRAIL: The annual wildebeest migration is a natural event not to miss. Visitors flock to the open plains to witness the largest mass movement of land mammals on the planet. Listen to their thundering hooves and watch the massive clouds of thick red dust rise as the herd moves on.
  • SPICE IT UP: Visit the spice markets in Zanzibar’s vibrant capital, Stone Town.
  • TAKE A WALK: Head to southern Tanzania for walking safaris, and get up close and personal with the game on their own terms.
  • MONKEY AROUND: A visit to Mahale Mountains offers the unique experience of hanging with chimpanzees.
  • EXPLORE THE PARKS: Tanzania offers a number of national parks. Take a trip to Selous Game Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest game reserve in East Africa and a wonderful off the beaten track safari that’s wonderful to explore.
  • HIT THE BEACH: Take in some sun and sand on the beaches of Zanzibar.
  • BIG GAME ADVENTURES: You will be amazed at how close up and personal you get, not only with the Big Five, but with thousands of other animals as well.
  • GET TO KNOW THE CULTURES: From the traditional red-robed Maasai in the north to the exotic mix of Arab and African influences in Zanzibar, you will encounter unique cultures and people everywhere you go.

Honeymoon Hints

  • BEST TIME TO VISIT: There are reasons to visit Tanzania year round! June through October, also known as the dry season, is a popular time to visit – safari conditions tend to be at their best. The months of December through March are also a big hit because of the migration calving season in the Serengeti and the excellent conditions for trekking Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • WEATHER: Tanzania’s climate is not as predicable as other tropical climates due to the country’s varied topography. The country generally has two rainy seasons – the short rains between late December and the beginning of March and the long rains between mid-March and the end of May.
  • LUGGAGE RESTRICTIONS: If you are travelling extensively throughout the country make sure that you bring suitable luggage. Suitcases and bags should be able to withstand plenty of handling and dusty conditions. Hard suitcases are ideal, but can take up a lot of space. If you are travelling by domestic/chartered flights within Tanzania, remember that there are luggage restrictions, particularly on smaller aircraft.
  • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Those traveling to Tanzania must have a valid passport with at least six months remaining from the date of departure and sufficient blank pages for stamps and visas.
  • VISAS: Visas are required by all U.S. citizens when honeymooning in Tanzania. Tourist visas may be issued as single or multiple entry permits and are granted a maximum of three or six months respectively. Requirements for visas include: a copy of the round-trip airline ticket or itinerary, a valid passport, and a copy of your receipt of travel or a bank statement reflecting sufficient funds to cover the trip. Visas can be obtained on arrival at the airport or at any entry point into Tanzania and you will need to pay in cash. The cost ranges from $60 – $100 USD.
  • HEALTH: Yellow fever vaccination is recommended with suitable certificate of said vaccination. It may be possible to be vaccinated on arrival at a cost of approximately $50 USD per person.
  • MONEY: Major currencies (such as the US dollar, the Euro and the British Pound) are easily exchanged in large towns, and you will often find that the US dollar is preferred. It’s best to carry smaller denominations, as almost all will not accept $100 bills due to a spate of forgeries. Forex bureau often provides faster service than banks, and though the exchange rates are only nominally different, the bureau usually offers a better rate on travelers’ checks. Standard banks around the country come equipped with ATM machines, and Barclay’s Bank ATMs allow travelers to withdraw on both Visa and MasterCard accounts. Credit cards are only accepted at major lodges, hotels and travel agents.
  • SHOPPING: There are many markets that sell “African” goods like beaded jewelry, carved soapstone and Masai blankets, which make a perfect gift or souvenir of your travels.
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: Tanzania has a vast spread of accommodation options, ranging from luxurious game lodges and sprawling resorts to rustic beach huts and budget guesthouses.

Travel Tips

  • GETTING THERE: There are frequent direct and indirect flights to Tanzania by numerous international airlines. A flight from New York to Kilimanjaro takes approximately 20 hours. The main international gateway into Tanzania is Dar Es Salaam.
  • GETTING AROUND: Transportation within Tanzania mainly consists of light aircraft or local private guides/drivers who take you between locations. Visitors are able to rent a vehicle, but must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • TAKE THE TRAIN: Very few travelers realize that you can reach several of Tanzania’s national parks in comfort by riding the train from Dar Es Salaam, traveling through remote and brilliant areas of the country. It is also a more budget-friendly option over a bush plane or private car.
  • INTERNET: Internet cafes are becoming more common throughout Tanzania. They are easy to find in urban areas such as Dar Es Salaam and Arusha.
  • CELL PHONE SERVICE: Major mobile service providers operate throughout the country, although service interruptions are common.

Destinations to Explore

Additional honeymoon destinations in Tanzania you may want to consider: