Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, is well known as one of the most-visited vacation spots on all of the Hawiian Islands, and with good reason: it combines Hawaiian tradition and beauty with the conveniences of a modern capital city.

Couples romancing in Honolulu have access to all the usual incredible activities on the island of Oahu, from scuba and snorkeling to hiking, helicopter tours, sunset cruises and horseback riding. But, unlike on quieter islands, couples are also close to the nightlife and dining of the city. Spend the day on Waikiki Beach, known as one of the world's best and one of the largest in Hawaii, and then romance the night away under the city lights.

Honolulu's hotels and resorts are also luxurious hideaways where dream honeymoons come to life. Many of these hotels are romantic specialists with a knack for helping couples design flawless romantic getaways and destination weddings. So beach bums and city slickers, get ready for the best of both worlds with a honeymoon in Honolulu that's sweeter than candy.

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