Northern Europe


Norway is a four-season destination in the most extreme sense of the word. In summer, the sun never sets. In winter the darkness reveals the rainbow swirls of the Northern Lights. In fall and spring you can get a taste of it all. Known for its rugged coastline cut with 1,900 fjords and countless glacier-capped mountains, this Scandinavian beauty is a coastal destination like you have never seen before.

An adventurer’s delight, Norway’s dramatic landscape is made to hike, climb, sail, dog-sled, snowmobile, kayak, and reindeer ride. Though for couples who prefer to experience beauty from a lounge chair with a cocktail in hand, there is the Hurtigruten. The country’s 120-year old cruise line brings the fjords, islands, and mountains to you with five-star service. Explore the Arctic Circle from the comfort of your suite’s balcony or the top deck’s hot tub…adventure comes easy in Norway.

If you’d like a dash of culture with your pampering and adventure, Norway has you covered. From the legendary Vikings to the indigenous Sami people, it’s a place with deep and living history and one you should experience first hand in hand.

About Norway

At a Glance

  • SEE BERGEN. A city founded in 1070, Bergen is full of charm and history. Stroll through the narrow streets of the UNESCO-listed Hanseatic Bryggen quarter, the Hanseatic Museum and the lively fish market. Take the funicular railway up to the 320m Mount Fløyen, just outside the city, and you’ll enjoy the best view of Bergen and its fjords.
  • CRUISE THE COAST. Passing over 100 fjords and dozens of idyllic coastal towns, the iconic Hurtigruten cruise is said to be “The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage” and is the absolute best way to get a taste of the Norwegian terrain and culture in one trip.
  • SNOWMOBILING UNDER THE NORTHERN LIGHTS. Take an unforgettable snowmobile trip through one of Europe’s most wild landscapes. Get a lesson from some of Norway’s best instructors then ride your own snowmobile through snow-clad valleys and try to catch the aurora borealis in the clear, starry sky.
  • THE NORTH CAPE. Rising from the ocean at 71º 10’ 21” north, putting you a mere 2,000 kilometers from the North Pole, it’s virtually the end of the world. The extreme location provides breathtaking views, unusual climatic conditions, and rare wildlife sightings. The area is known for it bird sanctuary with up to 250,000 seabirds, including some high Arctic species that can only be observed on the Norwegian mainland. The North Cape is also the heartland of the indigenous Sami people and where their vibrant culture is best observed.
  • DOG SLEDDING. Hop aboard the sleds and let the huskies pull you two over the frozen landscape; enjoying stunning views of the ocean, mountains and open plateaus. Afterwards cozy up in a Sámi lavvo (tent) with an open fire and a hot cocoa.
  • THE TROLL’S TONGUE. For extra adventurous couples, hike and climb 3,000 feet to this dramatic outcropping over the stunning Ringedalsvatnet Lake in Odda, Hardanger. This is a tough one but it’s well worth it for one the most dramatic vistas in the world.

Fast Facts

  • WHEN TO VISIT: Each season is dazzling in its own way….Summer offers the midnight sun and warm weather, while winter offers the best chances to see the Northern Lights and dramatic frozen landscapes. Fall and spring may provide the best of all seasons because honeymooners will have ample daylight, cool but pleasant weather, and still a good chance to see the Aurora Borealis.
  • GETTING THERE: Norwegian, Air Canada, and United fly direct from New York to Bergen or Oslo in around seven hours.
  • GETTING AROUND: Norway has an extremely efficient public transit system of trains, buses, and ferries. The roads are excellent and renting a car is a great way to explore the interior and coastline. To get the full fjord experience, ferries and cruises are a wonderful way to see and get around the country.
  • LANGUAGE: Norwegian, a North Germanic language closely related to Swedish and Danish, is the dominant language though English is widely spoken.Currency: Norwegian Kroner (NOK). Current Exchange rates can be found here:
  • ELECTRICITY: The voltage in Norway is 220 volts, which is standard in Europe but will require an adapter for American devices.

Honeymoon Hints

CREDIT CARDS: Major credit cards are widely accepted except possibly at smaller businesses.