The Thief

5-star hotel
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The Thief

Embrace the art of liberation as you and your beloved embark on your honeymoon voyage at THE THIEF in Oslo. From the moment you cross the threshold, something delightful transpires – something ever so subtle but oh-so potent. The hotel’s magic is in its ability to gracefully spirit away the mundane, leaving you blissfully unaware of the everyday burdens and concerns you’ve left behind.

Contemporary Artistry:

As you step into THE THIEF, you’ll encounter an immersive world of contemporary art, where each piece adorning the walls is a statement, and every corner is a canvas. It’s a union of aesthetics and culture that will pique your senses and spark conversations between sips of champagne.

Design Enigma:

The architecture and design of THE THIEF speak the language of modern luxury. It’s a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort, where minimalistic elegance is set against stunning waterfront views. Your honeymoon abode is not just a room but a tranquil sanctuary where every detail is meticulously curated.

Gastronomic Delight:

For newlyweds who appreciate the art of culinary seduction, THE THIEF’s gastronomic offerings will delight your senses. World-class cuisine that draws on local flavors is an unforgettable journey through contemporary Norwegian cuisine. Each bite is a love letter to Oslo’s rich food culture.

A World Unburdened:

The magic of THE THIEF is in how it liberates you from the shackles of responsibility. It’s not that it steals your thoughts; it simply whispers them away, leaving you free to savor each other’s company without distractions. Your only to-do is to revel in the splendor of the moment.

Oslo Unveiled:

THE THIEF’s prime location sets the stage for you to explore Oslo. From art galleries to historic landmarks and the bustling waterfront, you’re in the heart of the city’s culture. And when you return, the hotel’s serene ambiance envelopes you once more.

A Heist of the Heart:

THE THIEF may have stolen your worries, but it returns them with a newfound sense of perspective. As you emerge from your honeymoon cocoon, you’ll find yourself enriched by the experience, your hearts entwined in a world of art, culture, and serenity.

It’s Time to Surrender:

For honeymooners who yearn for a retreat that seamlessly blends art, luxury, and urban beauty, THE THIEF is the ultimate choice. Let the captivating enchantment of this splendid hotel steal your hearts away, creating memories that will forever be a part of your love story.