Southern Africa


The rolling hills and abundant wildlife will take your breath away, the friendliness of the locals will warm your heart, and honeymoon excitement is never more than a stone’s throw away. Welcome to a magical honeymoon in Malawi, a place where where you won’t need a wizard’s wand to feel pure newlywed enchantment.

Take a couples safari and feel the breath of mother nature through the leaping gazelles, grazing zebras, long-necked giraffes and mysterious predators of the wild. Street markets bustle with activity, merchants selling everything from fresh fruits to tribal statuettes.

Kayak trips and foot treks take couples on epic journeys across beautiful mountains, rocky hills, roaring rivers and calm blue lakes surrounded by misty green hillsides. After days filled with excitement and romance, couples can return to the hotel and dress up for a candlelit dinner and champagne where it’s just you, your love and the bright stars above you.

If all the activity starts to tire you out, rejuvenate at the hotel spa. Enjoy deep treatments and muscle massages that invigorate adventurous honeymooners for even more days of love and discovery. With the right romantic hotels and activities, honeymoons in Malawi aren’t just romantic escapes…they’re newlywed adventures with sweetness in every step.