Southern Africa


For an intimate African honeymoon, look no further than Botswana. Located in the heart of southern Africa, Botswana shares borders with South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. As one of the last remaining wild places on earth, Botswana provides just the right amount of romance, luxury and adventure.

With a population of just over 2 million and a rich mix of cultures, Botswana has blossomed since their independence from Britain in 1966. As one of the world’s largest diamond producers, Botswana enjoys a high standard of economic stability.

With nearly 40% of the land devoted to national parks, game reserves and wildlife and nature conservations, Botswana is proudly recognized as a leading sustainable tourism destination. The country’s approach to low-impact tourism enables the conservation of Botswana’s natural resources and abundant wildlife, protects the cultural heritage and benefits the local communities.

First stop on any honeymoon voyage to Botswana is the Okavango Delta. Referred to as the “Jewel of the Kalahari”, the Okavango Delta is the world’s largest inland delta that delivers the spectacle of wild, untamed Africa with heart-stopping game viewing experiences, tranquil sunsets, unforgettable landscapes and stunning natural beauty. Chobe National Park is one of Africa’s hottest safari destinations, where the prolific elephant population is extraordinary, and among the highest concentration in the world. Finally, discover Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, where traditional culture meets modern technology. After an adventure in the wilderness, it is the perfect spot to transition back into modern-day life.

Botswana has numerous remote and pristine wilderness locations where romantic lodges are tucked away in private reserves, far from the hustle and bustle of every day life. From upscale hotels and five-star luxury lodges and camps to budget guesthouses, Botswana offers a wide range of accommodation options. Those lodges and camps in parks, game reserves and private concessions are intimate- usually 24 or fewer guests. The ideal setting for some alone time!

Botswana – one of the most magical places on earth. Whether you want an authentic safari experience or to combine adventures in the bush with some rest and relaxation, Botswana is hard to beat. Experience the ultimate in romance on your honeymoon in Botswana.

About Botswana

At a Glance

Botswana, an unspoiled land of romance and timeless beauty – is the ideal destination to begin your “happily ever after”. Watching big game from a mokoro canoe, meeting bushmen tribes of the Makgadigadi Pans and experiencing the beauty of the Kalahari Desert are just some of the highlights. Fall in love with nature, fall in love with each other, fall in love with Botswana.

  • FLOAT ALONG IN A MOKORO: Make sure to enjoy a mokoro ride through the watery channels of the Okavango Delta, capturing an astounding array of wildlife and birds and enjoying the beauty and tranquility of this iconic site. What’s a mokoro? A dugout canoe guided by a local poler and an unforgettable experience!
  • MAKE FRIENDS IN CHOBE: In Chobe, make some new best friends with the elephants. In the evening, cruise the Chobe riverfront and admire the wildlife at play.
  • FLY HIGH IN THE DESERT: Head to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve to check out its magnificent black-maned lions and seemingly endless savannahs. Fly over the Kalahari Desert in a hot-air balloon and take in the land from a new level.
  • CHECK OUT THOSE STRIPES: During the summer, head to the Makgadigadi Pans to witness the zebra migration, a spectacular sight!
  • INTERACT WITH THE BUSHMAN: Studies have shown that the Kalahari bushman are some of the original humans on earth. Spend the day learning their ancient survival skills, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  • DRINKS WITH A VIEW: Soak up the romance of a private sundowner, sipping on a cool drink and taking in the breathtaking sunset at the end of an adventure-packed day. Later, savor a dinner for two al fresco in the bush under the stars.
  • SEE THE BUSH BY FOOT: Head out on a walking safari, an exhilarating experience but not for the faint of heart. You will see nature up close, and if lucky, get thrillingly close to the wild life as well.
  • SHOP TIL YOU DROP: Pick up some souvenirs from your magical experience. Botswana is known for their woodcarvings, handcrafted jewelry, textiles and basketry.

Honeymoon Hints

  • BEST TIME TO VISIT: Botswana is a year-round destination. Peak game viewing in Northern Botswana takes place between July through October. December through March is the perfect time for photographers, bird lovers and those couples hoping to catch a glimpse of animals with through young. July through October is also the ideal time for those on a budget.
  • LUGGAGE RESTRICTIONS: Please keep in mind that regional and domestic flights and transfers have lower weight allowances than for international flights. For regional and domestic flights, the weight limit is 44 lbs. For light aircraft transfers, one 26 lbs soft bag per person and a 10 lb carry on.
  • ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A passport valid for six months beyond your honeymoon and a minimum of two consecutive black passport visa pages are required.
  • VISAS: Visas are not required to enter Botswana for citizens of the United States and Canada.
  • MONEY: The US dollar is widely accepted throughout Botswana, though change will be given back in the local currency. Currency may be exchanged at banks, bureau de change and authorized hotels. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in the tourism areas throughout Botswana. ATM machines are also available in most cities.
  • CELL PHONE SERVICE: Mobile coverage and internet access in the main cities are reliable, but this becomes less the case outside those areas, especially within the remote safari destinations.

Travel Tips

  • GETTING THERE: At this time, there are currently no non-stop flights from the United States or Canada to Botswana. The most convenient routes fly non-stop or through connections from New York, Atlanta or Washington. Flights from the East Coast to Johannesburg range from 15-17 hours. Flights from Johannesburg to Botswana’s safari areas of Maun and/or Kasane are less than two hours. Flying to the capital city, Gaborone, from Johannesburg is less than an hour.
  • GETTING AROUND: Transportation within Botswana mainly consists of light aircraft or local private guides/drivers to travel between locations. Visitors are able to rent a vehicle, but must posses a valid drivers license.
  • CLIMATE: November through March (the summer season), temperatures tend to range from 64-95°F and days can be sunny and hot, with frequent, short rainstorms. June through August (the winter season) temperatures are pleasant, with daytime temps around 73°F. At night-time, they can get into the low 40’s. The winter season is also known as dry season as rain is very rare anywhere in the country.