Destination Overview

Colorado cloaks your honeymoon in some of the most beautiful scenery in the USA. Couples who love an active life in the Great Outdoors consider it paradise. Dazzling views of the Rockies and the San Juan Mountains surround you. Rolling plains, flowering buttes, and mesas invite you to discover their beauty up close.

All year round you can spend the day in the countryside, then spend the night in a town with sophisticated hotels, restaurants, shops and state-of-the-art creature comforts.
The Old West–mining towns, stagecoach trails, and plenty of history–is very much alive. Turn-of-the-century buildings with leaded glass windows and Victorian antiques can be found everywhere.

Hike, bike, ski, snowboard, raft, fish, go horseback riding, play golf or tennis or relax in a spa. Places like Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, Crested Butte, and others may be small dots on the map but their fame stretches throughout the world. These ski areas are renowned for the vast powdery trails that attract both beginning and expert skiers in winter and outdoor lovers in summer.

No matter what season you choose, you can be sure that the welcome will be warm and the surroundings will be breathtaking.



About Colorado

At a Glance

  • Have a beer. Colorado breweries are world famous and so are their microbrewery pubs. Coors is made here, but there are hundreds of other local beers to try.
  • Try an exotic local dish. Unusual meats such as elk and buffalo are found on many menus. Chile Verde, a pepper stew, is also popular.
  • Linger over dinner at a table for two in a romantic restaurant. This is a state where every dinner can be an awesome romantic event. At places like Vail, getting to the restaurant is part of the fun. You can reach some of the cozy places to dine in a horsedrawn carriage, a soaring gondola, or a snowmobile. Or, you might choose to arrive on skis or on horseback.
  • Be a sport. Hike, bike, climb, ski, snowboard, raft, play golf, or tennis. Whatever you choose, get outdoors. There are plenty of parks and trails to explore and most are easily accessible. Eighteen major ski areas invite you to share their beauty year ’round.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park. Over 300 miles of trails with splendid scenery lie within its borders. The world’s highest highway, Trail Ridge Road, is considered to be one of the most beautiful roads in the nation. Crystal Lakes, rushing rivers, flowering meadows, and snow-capped peaks are all part of the view. Wildlife, birds, and waterfalls are abundant. You can see it all by hiking or horseback riding. Let yourselves fall more in love in the fresh air of the high country.



Honeymoon Hints

  • MAKE RESERVATIONS: Reserve popular restaurants well in advance and reconfirm on the day of your dinner.
  • DRESS IN LAYERS: Dramatic temperature changes can take place throughout the day.
  • TELL A FRIEND: If you go into the backcountry, let someone know where you’re going and approximately when you’ll return. Also, let them know when you’re back home.
  • GEAR UP: Buy or rent outdoor gear. If you plan to visit remote areas, get the gear you’ll need. It’s easily available in most towns.
  • ACCLIMATIZE: Prepare for high altitudes. The Colorado Rockies are some of the highest peaks in the nation. Reduce alcohol consumption, drink plenty of water, and carry a sweater or jacket. If the thin air makes you dizzy, slow your pace, and go to a lower altitude.
  • TAKE IT SLOW: Mountain roads can be narrow. Carry a cell phone and an emergency kit if you travel in the countryside. Check the weather before you go. There can be snow in the summer!
  • LOTION UP: Don’t forget the sunscreen. The thin air at high elevations makes the sun more intense. Use sunblocks liberally.
  • WILDLIFE CROSSING: Watch for animals. Wildlife is abundant and animals treat the back roads as their own.



Destinations to Explore

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