The Inn at Aspen

For couples seeking a laid-back and convenient escape in Aspen, The Inn at Aspen presents a welcoming ski-in ski-out retreat. Nestled at the base of Buttermilk Mountain, this hotel offers 121 comfortable guest rooms, inviting amenities, and a low-key atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for honeymooners eager to experience Aspen’s charm.

Ski-In Ski-Out Convenience:

The Inn at Aspen distinguishes itself as the only ski-in ski-out hotel at the base of Buttermilk Mountain. Honeymooners can effortlessly access the slopes, making it a haven for ski enthusiasts or those looking to experience the thrill of mountain adventures.

Comfortable Guest Rooms:

Featuring 121 comfortable guest rooms, The Inn at Aspen provides a cozy haven for couples. The rooms offer a comfortable retreat after a day of outdoor activities, ensuring a restful night’s sleep amid the mountain ambiance.

Inviting Lobby Lounge:

The hotel’s lobby lounge serves as a welcoming space for couples to unwind. Whether enjoying a hot drink by the fireplace or planning the next day’s adventures, the lobby adds a touch of warmth to the overall guest experience.

Fitness Center with Peloton Bikes:

For those looking to stay active, The Inn at Aspen offers a fitness center equipped with Peloton bikes. This amenity allows couples to maintain their fitness routines while enjoying scenic views of the surrounding mountains.

Complimentary Shuttle Service:

The hotel’s complimentary shuttle service enhances the convenience of exploring Aspen and its surroundings. Honeymooners can easily access nearby attractions, restaurants, and entertainment, making the most of their stay.

Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub, and Fire Pit:

The outdoor space at The Inn at Aspen invites couples to relax and soak in the mountain atmosphere. The pool and hot tub provide a refreshing retreat, while the fire pit with Adirondack chairs offers a cozy setting for romantic moments under the stars.

Home Team BBQ:

Culinary delights await at Home Team BBQ, the hotel’s casual restaurant and bar. Serving fantastic barbecue and drinks, it provides a convenient and tasty option for couples looking to savor local flavors.

Proximity to Buttermilk Mountain Lodge and Ski Lifts:

The hotel’s strategic location next to Buttermilk Mountain Lodge and ski lifts ensures that honeymooners have easy access to the mountain’s offerings. It’s an excellent base for those interested in winter sports or simply reveling in the mountain ambiance.

Host to ESPN’s X Games:

Buttermilk Mountain, home to The Inn at Aspen, has been the host of ESPN’s X Games since 2002. This adds a dynamic and exciting element to the hotel’s surroundings, making it an appealing choice for couples seeking a blend of adventure and entertainment.

In conclusion, The Inn at Aspen provides a charming and convenient retreat for honeymooners eager to experience the beauty and excitement of Aspen. With its ski-in ski-out convenience, comfortable accommodations, and inviting amenities, the hotel offers a delightful escape for couples seeking a memorable mountain getaway.