Casino Honeymoon

You just can’t lose with a casino honeymoon. It’s one of the most romantic settings you can think of, immortalized in books and films. You can play out your own story of luck, hope and love in a glamorous setting, and add in some sightseeing, extravagant shows, and gourmet dining as well.

As befits a classic wedding and honeymoon destination, Las Vegas has its own character: larger than life, glittering, outrageous and just plain fun. Try your hand at the games of luck and chance, with the promise of winning at the tables or of striking it lucky with an one-armed bandit. And for when you want some quiet time to yourselves, you can create your own retreat at luxury hotels with exceptional room service and stunning views of the city lights in the evenings. Gourmet meals add an extra touch to the sophisticated ambience.

If you are serious about gambling, Macau is the gaming capital of Asia, with half as many casinos as Las Vegas, but are twice the size. There are other very big differences when gambling in Macau. Drinking is not allowed in Macau casinos. Also, table games are much more popular. Baccarat accounts for 90% of Macau gaming revenue. Sic Bo is another popular game.

If you’re looking for an exciting, glittering holiday where you can pay tribute to Lady Luck, it’s time to start planning your casino honeymoon.