Bridal Gift Ideas For Friends: 20 Special Presents For Every Budget

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So, you’re now at the age where most of your friends are getting hitched. Attending weddings is one thing, but giving a gift to the woman of the hour is another. And because there are plenty of bridal gift ideas for friends, narrowing it down to that one present is quite tricky. 

Whether the bride-to-be is a certified home cook, a jet setter, or that aesthetic girl in your group, we have you covered. 

Bridal Gift Ideas For Friends FAQs

Before we run down what’s in our ultimate gift for the bride list, here are some wedding gift etiquette FAQs you need to know.

How much should you spend on a wedding gift?

There isn’t a set rule about the amount, but on average, friends of the couple spend around $100 to $150. The price tag of the present is expected to go higher depending on your relationship with the bride. For instance, a wedding gift for best friend is typically pricier than if it’s for a colleague. 

Can you buy a gift not on the couple’s wedding registry? 

A wedding registry enumerates what’s on the couple’s wish list. However, it’s acceptable to give presents outside of that roster. If you’re confident you know the bride’s tastes and preferences — don’t be afraid to prepare a gift that you know will take her by surprise (in a good way, of course). 

When should you give your wedding gift?

The best time is to send a gift before the wedding ceremony — ideally, within three months before the big day. If you can’t do that for whatever reason, know that you can still give it after.

20 Lovely Bridal Gift Ideas For Friends 

In our selection of wedding gift ideas for the bride, you can find something that ticks all the right boxes — including the budget.

Under $50 Wedding Gift Ideas For The Bride

1. Cookbook

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Count on a gift like this to help the bride prepare meals to keep that heart — and the couple’s tummies — full and happy. 

2. Engraved cutting board

If the bride already knows tons of recipes by heart, a custom cutting board for newlyweds can serve as your gift that keeps on giving. Alternatively, you can opt for coasters or a serving tray. 

3. Personalized journal

Looking for thoughtful gifts for the bride? Help her organize her thoughts (pun intended) or document her wedding journey with a notebook personalized with her name.

4. A bouquet of flowers

A lush arrangement of your friend’s favorite blooms is sure to send her heart aflutter. Special tip: Pair it with a handwritten message imbued with a love that won’t wither.

5. Jewelry dish

Budget-friendly yet uber-practical, a dish that can hold her favorite accessories will be helpful during the wedding and beyond. 

Under $100 Gifts For Bride

6. Handmade candles

Keep the bride feeling rejuvenated with these scented candles. Opt for handcrafted ones in aesthetic jars so they can double as a chic room display. 

7. Throw blanket

This is perfect for cozy nights and cuddle weather. It can also be the ultimate functional accessory during their movie dates at home. 

8. Picnic basket

Does your favorite gal fancy picnic dates? A woven picnic basket — complete with plates, cutlery, and glasses — is something she’ll surely appreciate. If she and her spouse-to-be are more wine-night lovers, add a wine box to your gift options.

9. Gourmet coffee subscription

Drinking a cup of coffee becomes a more sublime experience when done with a significant other. Sounds like a morning ritual that the couple will enjoy? Gift the bride and her groom with irresistible, perk-me-up blends courtesy of a gourmet coffee subscription. 

10. Framed custom portrait

Art prints make for unique gifts for bride. Make it one-of-a-kind by featuring a portrait of the couple, their wedding venue — or any other place they hold dear. 

Under $200 Bridal Gift Ideas For Friends

11. Bracelet

Simple and dainty, a bracelet can complement just about any look. Personalize this accessory with the bride’s initials. 

12. Pampering set

Torn between giving bath flakes or body oils and polishes? Why not buy a set that contains both — and more? 

13. Travel vanity case

For a bride who’s always traveling, a vanity case will come in handy wherever she’s bound to. Like any other gift for the bride, you can customize it with her name so it won’t get lost or misplaced. 

14. Instant-film camera

Never let candid, beautiful, and crazy (!) moments be left uncaptured. And as a camera like this gives an aesthetic vibe that digital counterparts can’t, we won’t blame the bride if she can’t seem to get enough of it.

15. Gym and spa gift cards

Not all gifts have to be tangible objects. For practical purposes, many wedding attendees opt for gym and wellness gift cards — something the bride can use on her own or with her husband. 

Under $250 Wedding Gift Ideas

16. Silk sleepwear

The nights leading up to her big day can be nerve-racking. Give her some comfort with this oh-so-silky PJ. You can also gift it along with a matching robe

17. Smartwatch

Modern health buffs keep an eye on essential stats with the help of this gadget. If the bride is one of them, it’s time to save up and surprise her with a stylish smartwatch. 

18. Carry-on bag

This is something that the bride can use for her honeymoon and in her future trips. When shopping for one, get a carry-on that suits her vibe and personality. 

19. Camping tent

Camping tents and accessories are great bridal gift ideas for friends who lead an outdoorsy lifestyle. If you think it’s time for her and her future husband to upgrade their current tent (or if they still don’t own one yet), don’t miss the chance to buy this as your wedding gift.

20. Experience gift box

Go beyond the usual gift cards. Some retail shops also offer experience gift boxes. These offer giftees the liberty to choose where they’d spend the “experience” passes — whether for canoeing classes for couples or concert tickets. 

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