12 Best Bridesmaid Robes That Your Squad Will Love and Rewear

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The bridal squad spends some nights together, so they need the best bridesmaid robes. First comes the bridal shower, which can be an all-day and night affair. Next, they come together the night before the wedding to prepare for the big day.

It’s great to purchase the best bridesmaid robes that fit the party or wedding theme. These come with one gown for the bride and the rest for the bridal party.

Which are the Best Bridesmaid Robes to Buy?

1. Geyoga Bridesmaids Satin Robes

Get 7pcs of luxurious satin robes when you shop for your squad. These polyester robes contain 1 unit for the bride and 6 pcs for the bridesmaids. There are 4 stylish colors to choose from, and they come in various sizes.

The chic design of the satin robes suits a bachelorette evening or spending time with the wedding party. All robes have embroidery robes at the back with the word bride and bridesmaid. These robes have a soft material that’s breathable and comfortable as sleepwear.

2. SIORO Women’s Satin Robes

Imagine the softest and most comfortable bridesmaid robes you can get. This is exactly what you receive when you buy SIORO satin robes. And the best part is they come in numerous colors. This makes it so much easier to match with the wedding theme.

The satin robes have an excellent design that features a V-neck, three-quarter sleeves, a sash belt, an inside tie, and side seam pockets. These bridesmaid robes are lightweight and available in small, medium, large, and X-large.

3. EPLAZA Women’s Short Satin Robes

As the big day nears, there’s definitely a need for a bachelorette party. This is the time to enjoy yourself with your bridesmaids and have fun. That evening, they can don the super comfy satin robes from EPLAZA.

These best bridesmaid robes are polyester and contain rhinestone embroidery at the back. The material is soft, breathable, and lightweight. EPLAZA strives to make quality robes perfect for your wedding party as an American brand.

4. ANDOLLY Bridesmaid Robes

Here is another example of the best bridesmaid robes to purchase. They provide value for your money, given the high quality of the material.

These are made using 100% polyester and come in numerous colors to suit wedding themes.

5. PENGEE Women’s Short Kimono Robes

A short half-sleeve kimono robe can be an excellent option for bridal parties. PENGEE has lightweight and comfortable robes made of luxurious satin-silk material.

When you purchase these robes, each will have wording at the back reading ‘bridesmaid.’

6. ABC-STAR Satin Robes

ABC-STAR satin robes are excellent for bridal parties to wear the night before the wedding. And they can continue to wear them as sleepwear long after the big day.

These robes are made using 100% polyester and have a tie closure for an excellent fit.

7. Sunshinemall Satin Kimono Robes

On the wedding day, bridesmaids can wear these short and comfy kimono robes from Sunshinemall. They come in various colors: black, champagne, teal, white, and Navy.

Each robe has a ¾ sleeve and a V-neck. One advantage is they’re easy to clean using a machine or by hand.

8. BeingYoung Women’s Satin Robes

BeingYoung Women’s satin robes are excellent for a bachelorette party. These luxurious satin robes are also excellent to wear the night before the wedding. They’re comfy to wear and come with a functional tie closure.

Depending on the theme, there are various colors to choose from, and they are easy to clean. The length of the robes is pleasing, and these have a V-neck and ¾ length sleeves.

9. VOGMATE Floral Short Robes

Are you up for lovely floral short robes? VOGMATE floral robes are perfect for the entire bridal party. And these are available in small, medium, large, and X-large. The floral pattern is pleasing, and the robes are soft.

Get some floral best bridesmaid robes for the bridal party that suit the theme. There are different floral patterns to choose from. The robe has a removable belt that you can leave on or remove to enjoy maximum comfort. This sexy and elegant sleepwear is great to wear even after the wedding celebrations.

10. Vlazom Women’s Kimono Robes

Vlazom has soft and luxurious 100% polyester robes, perfect for bridal parties. The robes are lightweight and have a tie closure for additional comfort. This is perfect for the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride, and bridal party.

The sleeves go halfway on the hand and have a V-neck design. This is a short-style robe idea for bachelorette parties, sleepwear, or getting ready for the wedding.

11. Turquaz Short Kimono Robes

Are you searching for robes made using a skin-friendly fabric? Turquaz Short Kimono Robes are a perfect choice for the bridal party. These are made using spandex and nylon material that’s good for sensitive skin.

These are gentle to the touch, soft, lightweight kimono robes with a tailored collars. There are pockets on the robe to carry essentials. Pick from size small to XX-large and enjoy luxurious excellence.

12. MORFORU Bride & Bridesmaid Robes

Beauty awaits when you purchase the MORFORU Bride & Bridesmaid Robes. These pretty floral robes are perfect for a wedding party. And the unique design makes them functional even after the wedding celebrations.

Each robe is 35 inches long, has a ¾ long sleeve, with a 40-inch chest. The waistline of the robe is adjustable for the perfect fit. These are machine-washable robes that remain in proper condition always.


Bridesmaids will enjoy dressing in the best bridesmaid robes for the bachelorette party. These are also great to wear the night before the party. Most robes are made using soft and lightweight material.

You can opt for ones written ‘bride’ and ‘bridesmaid’ at the back. Also, the robes come in solid and floral/pattern colors. Remember to note the sizes and wedding theme before placing an order.

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