10 Best Bachelorette Party Destinations

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Before your bestie says her vows, it’s time to enjoy some crazy time together. Make sure it’s a wild time at one of the best bachelorette party destinations where you and the other girls can have fun.

If you are tight on budget, you can celebrate the party at home. However, keep in mind that this is probably the only chance you’ll get with her before she begins her new life.

Create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. There are many best bachelorette party destinations all over the world so if you have the pocket for it, go crazy!

How to Find the Best Bachelorette Party Destinations

The right destination should have enough activities for the hens. It should also have good food and an active nightlife because any bachelorette party is incomplete without it.

Apart from these points, you should also consider affordability. If a location is too far away from you, it will be costlier to go there.

Many resorts offer special packages for hen parties. Such packages could include wine tastings, local tours, club entries, etc.

When you pick a destination and pack your bags, make sure you make the stay even more fun with these hilarious bachelorette party games.

1. Las Vegas

If you’re looking for the craziest and best bachelorette party destinations, you cannot miss Las Vegas. If you have the pockets for it, this place offers the most amazing experiences.

Also known as Sin City, this place has the best restaurants, pool parties, casinos, strip clubs (male as well as female), breweries, and other party spots. If you have time left after experiencing all these fun places, you can go visit the Grand Canyon or even fly a jet.

If you are a bunch of foodies, you can eat at the numerous buffets available here. And if you’re looking for a relaxed vibe, stay downtown. Save your energy for the dynamic nightlife of the place because you’re going to need it.

And of course, as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So go crazy and forget about the whole world when you’re here.

2. New York City

Hold a penthouse slumber party or have drinks at a rooftop bar – there is so much that the Big Apple has to offer. From outdoor spas to cigar lounges and from breweries to karaoke nights, go bananas with fun activities all day and all night.

You can take a sunset cruise around the city to see the lights. And if you’re a big party of around 20 women, you can rent your own boat and have a private cruise.

New York is the entertainment capital of the world and there’s always something happening here. There are so many events every day and you can visit your favorite one, depending on your travel dates.

Manhattan offers so much for a hen party – you just have to find the best events according to your time. Theaters, comedy clubs, burlesque shows – just make sure you all are high on energy because there will be no time to sleep.

3. Los Angeles

If you want to add Hollywood style to your bachelorette party, Los Angeles is the place to go. Begin your day with the Hollywood sign hike and then enjoy shopping at the Rodeo Drive.

Take a stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and enjoy food at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And in the evening, hit the town at any of their many bars where you’ll find a live DJ and your favorite cocktails.

You can even take surfing lessons in Malibu and take a private helicopter tour. There are champagne brunches and LA Highlights Private Tours. Or y’all can enjoy city sites on a tourist bus. When you’re here, don’t forget to tour one of the studios to get a peek at behind the scenes of the movie world.

The city offers sunshine, beaches, shopping, fun, food, and nightlife. And you might even spot a celebrity or two while you’re here. Make the most of this city with your gal pals.

4. London

London is among the best bachelorette party destinations and offers a lot of fun. If you’re a fan of British comedy, enjoy a dinner at Faulty Towers – a place that combines theater and food.

A hen party in London won’t be complete without a visit to Boy Toy Bottomless Brunch. There’s food, booze, a DJ, dancing, and a lot of topless men.

Feeling tired and want to have a calming activity? Walk into the Art Social Club where they hold adult painting workshops. You’ll have to carry your own bottle of wine, though.

The city doesn’t just have active nightlife but also several workshops to keep you busy throughout the day. Painting, pottery, baking, wine tasting – there’s a lot your girls can do in London.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to visit The Exhibit where there are scrumptious dishes and bubbly drinks along with colorful drag performances. Also, try the Canal Boat Party for the typical hen fun you’re looking for.

5. Puerto Rico

If you’re looking for sugar-sand beaches where you can sunbathe, Puerto Rico will give you what you desire. It has tropical rainforests, sandy coasts, nightlife, fine dining, adventure, and just about everything you’re looking for.

Start an adventurous hen getaway by ziplining or hiking through the lush greenery. There are bioluminescent bays where you can kayak during the night. Come daytime and you can ride your ATVs through the rainforest.

For amazing nightlife, you’ll find several casinos and nightclubs here. You can select your vibe and stick to it or try a little bit of everything. Enjoy the Puerto Rican breakfast cuisine that consists of fresh juices and perfect sandwiches.

Don’t forget to sunbathe on the white sandy beaches and splash in the turquoise waters. You can also take the ferry to the sparsely-populated Culebra Island and spend the day there. It’s the perfect getaway from the city bustle and one of the best bachelorette party destinations.

6. Santorini

If you ever close your eyes and think of Greece, chances are that you think of Santorini. The white buildings with blue domes look absolutely magical. But that’s not all the city has to offer.

There are luxury resorts and amazing pools for the perfect hen party. It’s not surprising that it’s among the best bachelorette party destinations. If you want the complete Greek experience on just one island, Santorini is the one.

There are cliff-side homes where you can take amazing photos of the seaside. The weather is warm and pleasant so you can enjoy outdoor fresh food. This is one place that will keep your spirits up for the entire duration you’re there.

There are beach clubs and parties for the nightlife you’re looking for. While there are sandy beaches, there’s no dust here, which makes the beach experience even more pleasurable.

Visit the village of Oia in the daytime to enjoy the local architecture and head to the cocktail bars in the evening. It’s a perfectly balanced hen party.

7. Miami

If you like sun and warmth, Miami is the place to be. There is a vibrant bar and club scene along with many spas. Since it’s one of the best bachelorette party destinations, many hotels and resorts offer hen party packages.

Start your party at South Beach that’s close to the ocean as well as bars and restaurants. There are several eateries here so you can pick one depending on the cuisine you want. And if you just want some juice and healthy foods, there are many cafes around.

Make sure you try craft cocktails with sparklers at the local bars in the evening. Daytime activities can include pool parties hosted by several hotels. You and your girls can also rent a yacht to enjoy champagne and a dip in the water at the right spots.

Miami offers warm weather and stays that suit all budgets. If you want a getaway in winter, Miami could be the right destination for you and your girls.

8. Hawaii

You can’t go wrong with Hawaii. Tired of racking your brains, looking for the perfect destination? Just visit Hawaii. It’s hands-down, one of the best bachelorette party destinations.

If your friend group consists of all beach babes, this is where you HAVE to be. Whether you want to lounge at the beach or want to chomp on fresh fruit salads, there are a lot of activities that can be done here.

There are several beautiful resorts here and you can experience fine Hawaiian hospitality. Make sure you visit Honolulu in Hawaii. It’s the main gateway that connects Hawaii to the world.

Enjoy parasailing followed by a sunset cruise and then dinner. Don’t miss out on drinks and dancing at the local nightclubs. There are beaches, hikes, and many attractions. And of course, shopping, spa, and even party buses.

With the perfect combination of daytime activities and nightlife, you can’t go wrong with Hawaii.

9. Scottsdale

If you have a laid-back bride on hand, Scottsdale in Arizona will offer the perfect hen party destination. There’s warm weather, good vibes, and a lot of adventure.

It mixes a laid-back vacation with some action-packed moments to make it among the best bachelorette party destinations. There are outdoor activities, vibrant nightlife, and trendy restaurants.

You can go hiking in the mountains, tour through the city, or even ride ATVs in the desert. You can have a Vegas-style pool party here and enjoy the nightlife in bars and clubs.

And if you’re not party girls, there are yoga classes that come in different packages so you can have a relaxing break. There are bakeries and eateries to keep you occupied throughout the day with yummy food.

If you’re staying at an Airbnb, don’t forget to have an at-home party with Cabana Boys. They’ll take care of things while you party, letting you be wild and carefree.

10. Napa Valley

If the bride is a wine connoisseur, Napa Valley is going to be among the best bachelorette party destinations. It’s the wine capital of the United States and for all the right reasons.

From vineyards to fresh farm-based eateries, Napa Valley will enrich your souls. And there’s plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy too.

If you’re visiting this region for the first time, make sure you begin with wine tasting. There are so many wine tours and different types of wines that it will be a dream come true for a wine aficionado.

There is also plenty of thrill to take in. Enjoy a hot balloon ride and view the scenic beauty of the valley. There are boat rides and hiking adventures as well.

And if you’re all foodies, you can take guided food tours to enjoy the fresh and local delicacies.

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