10 Hilarious DIY Bachelorette Party Games

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Your best friend is getting married and you’re going to arrange the frikkin’ best bachelorette party ever. This means booze, food, and a lot of DIY bachelorette party games. Start with a couple of cocktails so the group loosens up and gets mixed.

The bride has got a million things on her plate – from finalizing the wedding décor to buying the perfect gift for the groom. Give her this time to kick back and relax.

The problem is – there aren’t many amazing games out there. There’d be a couple of good ones and a ton load of drab ones. If you’ve been given the super important task of arranging the perfect bachelorette party for your sister or gal pal, we’ve got some amazing suggestions for you.

Most bachelorette party games involve drinking. Some involve being naughty. Some need preparations and some can be played right on the spot. All of these are different categories so there’s enough change and y’all don’t get bored.

The Best DIY Bachelorette Party Games

Entrusted with the task of bringing the party to life? Sit back and relax while we suggest the absolute best party games to you.

1. Never Have I Ever

This game has probably been played a million times all over the world but it never gets old. It’s the perfect fun game that lets you know your friends’ secrets. You might have heard of the Netflix show by the same name.

You don’t need anything to play this game but drinks. And there are always plenty of drinks at a bachelorette party.

The rules are simple.

The opening hen shares something that they have never done. Women who have done it will take a sip of their drink.

For example, “Never have I ever kissed a random stranger just for the heck of it.” The girls who have kissed a random stranger will take a sip of their drink. The turn goes to the next girl and so on. This is a game to make your friends admit their embarrassing secrets.

2. Curiosity

If you have one or two shy girls at your party, it’s time to break the ice. This game arouses the curiosity of people and makes them speak up, making it among the best DIY bachelorette party games.

It needs no preparation either. All you need are drinks. If you’re tight on schedule and don’t have time to print out stuff, this game would be a lifesaver.

The first player will turn to their right and whisper a question in the other player’s ear. The other player must answer it loudly. The other girls in the room don’t know what the question is. They just know the answer.

For example, the first player can ask “what’s your body count” and the next player says “four.” Now the other girls know four is the answer but don’t know what it represents.

If any of the girls cannot take the suspense, they can ask the question. But they’ll have to drink for that.

You can give it a more interesting touch by making it more personal, which means the question has to be about someone in the room. For example, it could be, “who in this room has the prettiest lipstick?”

The other player will call out a name. Want to know the question? You’ll have to drink first.

3. How Well Do You Know the Bride

Make the bride-to-be feel extra special by doing a complete questionnaire on her. Find out who is her true friend by checking who’s been paying attention to her all these years. One of the simplest DIY bachelorette party games.

Create a list of questions about the bride-to-be and see who gets the maximum correct answers. Even more fun if there’s a prize at the end. Questions can carry points depending on how specific they are.

Some questions you can include in the list are:

  • What’s her middle name?
  • When is her birthday?
  • What is her favorite clothing/bag/shoe brand?
  • Which school did she go to?
  • How many siblings does she have?
  • What’s her favorite cocktail?
  • Where was she born?
  • What’s her favorite movie/TV series?
  • Which college did she go to?
  • Where did she get her first job?

You can make it naughty or clean, depending on the kind of party you’re planning. You can also introduce drinks. If someone gets the answer wrong, they’ll take a sip from their drink. And if they get it right, the bride will take a sip.

4. Fuzzy Duck

It’s a rather simple game but hilarity ensues. And it gets even funnier as you get drunker and drunker and your speeches start to slur.

Everyone sits in a circle and the first hen will say “fuzzy duck.” Then the next girl will say “fuzzy duck” and this will go in circles until someone says, “does he?” And when they say it, the next girl will have to say “ducky fuzz.” This will go in circles until one of them says “does he?” And as soon as someone says this, the next hen will again have to switch to “fuzzy duck” and so on.

Now you wait for someone to stumble. When someone stumbles, she’ll have to take a drink and she’s out of the game.

If you play it drunk, it’s super fun because players will stumble rather quickly, making it among the funniest DIY bachelorette party games. Laughter guaranteed.

5. Scavenger Hunt

This is among the most popular DIY bachelorette party games so there are chances that you’ve already played it (or at least heard about it). It works best for a night on the town.

For this game, divide the group into teams and complete challenges. Or you can make challenges for the bride-to-be and let her complete them.

It’s important to take a pic of the completed challenge as proof that it has been done. If you’re dividing girls into teams, the team that completes the most challenges wins the game.

Some challenges could be:

  • High-five a police officer
  • Take a photo with someone in a blue dress
  • Photo bomb another bachelorette party
  • Get a random stranger to post a photo on his Instagram with a hashtag you gave them
  • Kiss the bartender
  • Ask a stranger to write life advice on a napkin

You can also make up your own challenges, depending on the place you’re going.

6. Shake That Booty

This game needs some preparation. You’ll need a small cardboard box that has a tight opening. A box of tissues will work fine. Remove the tissues and fill up the box with ping pong balls. Pass a string across the box so it can be tied tightly to your waist. Your booty box is ready.

Each contestant will take turns with the box. It will be tied to each girl’s waist and they have to shake their booties to get the balls out. No hands allowed.

This is a timed game and whoever gets the maximum balls in under 30 seconds wins the game.

To add more fun, you can make multiple booty boxes – one for each girl. Tie them to their waists and they all start shaking to get rid of the balls. The first one to empty the box wins the game.

This is among the funniest DIY bachelorette party games because all the girls will have to get up and shake. So even the shy ones will have to dance. And the dances are always funny.

If you don’t want to go into too many preparations, you can replace the booty boxes with smartphones and place them in the back pockets of each hen. Activate the pedometers in their phones. The contestants have to shake their booties within a given time and whoever gets the maximum number of steps wins the game.

7. Drunk Jenga

Jenga is among the most popular DIY bachelorette party games. It’s fun as it is but you can make it more fun by adding drinks. And challenges!

On each Jenga block, write a challenge with a pencil. It could be a simple challenge that you can do and take a picture of. For example, try to touch your nose with your tongue. Some other challenges could be: tongue twisters, standing on one foot for 30 seconds, kissing someone from the party, etc.

Each time someone picks a block from the Jenga, they’ll have to take a sip of their drink and do the challenge written on it. And when the Jenga tower falls, the loser has to take one drink and complete any two challenges from the game.

You can make your own versions of the game and add interesting challenges depending on the kind of friends you have.

8. Naughty Pictionary

One of the simplest DIY bachelorette party games – you must have played simple Pictionary with your family. Let’s give a dirty spin to it.

Write down some words on paper and throw them in a bowl. Except all the words have to be dirty. Each hen will pick out a word and draw it on the board. The others will have to guess it. Some dirty words could be doggy style, orgasm, horny, strip tease, and so on.

You can come up with such words or just download a Naughty Pictionary word sheet from the internet and take a print.

It’s a hilarious game and there will be lots of laughs all around.

9. Bite the Bag

All you need for this game is a tall brown paper bag. It can be played with or without drinks, but of course, everything is more fun with a little booze.

Place the paper bag on the floor and each hen has to try and pick it up with their mouth. The only thing that can touch the floor is their feet. No hands involved. Bend down and pick up the bag with your mouth.

As each round passes, snip off an inch from the top of the bag and continue with the next round. Whenever someone fails, they have to take a drink and they’re eliminated.

It’s like limbo but in reverse. Want to make it more difficult? Add rules such as each hen has to stand on one foot while trying to bite the bag.

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