What To Wear To A Wedding In Hawaii: 15 Tips For Guests To Look Amazing

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Seeing a couple marry in The Aloha State is like witnessing a scene straight out of a romantic movie. And if you got invited to a destination wedding like that, we understand how you can be ecstatic. But don’t forget one of the most important things– you must know what to wear to a wedding in Hawaii.

This feature offers you 15 essential tips that will help you look amazing while attending a Hawaiian wedding on the scenic Big Island wedding suits and embracing the aloha spirit.

7 Things To Consider When Attending A Wedding In Hawaii

Headed for a wedding in Hawaii? “Just what do I wear?” is one of the questions that bubble up to the surface first.

You know lots of photos will be taken, and you don’t want to look like the odd one out in the bunch. You must also be careful not to underdress or overdress. Sounds tricky, right? 

To help you out, we’ve listed down the things you need to consider.

1. The dress code

The usual dress codes for Hawaiian weddings are:

  • Black-tie. This is the most formal dress code in a destination wedding. Women can have an elegant floor-length ensemble, while men must wear a tuxedo with a black tie or Hawaii wedding tuxedos.
  • Formal or black-tie optional. This is a little bit less formal than a black-tie wedding in Hawaii. Men can or may opt not to wear a tuxedo.
  • Semi-formal dresses or cocktail. Also known as dressy casual, it’s a code where guests can enjoy more liberty with their attire. Ladies typically wear cocktail dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits, while gents don Hawaii wedding suits or a collared button-down paired with slacks.
  • Casual. In casual Hawaiian weddings, you’ll usually see women wearing airy maxi dresses while Hawaiian wedding men’s attire is rock dress pants (or Chinos) and collared shirts. 

2. The venue

Hawaiian weddings aren’t like your traditional ceremonies. But keep in mind that not all weddings on this island are held by the beach. So be careful to check whether the ceremony and reception will be held indoors or outdoors — or on a yacht.

3. The time of day

Your attire should also be suitable for the time of day. You don’t want to wear something dark or whose fabric isn’t breathable if the couple will be tying the knot under the glow of the midday sun. 

4. Your attire’s color

The color scheme of your attire will primarily depend on the dress code (formal dresses or attire can be black or dark but for casual, opt for lighter tones) and the time of the event (dark clothes during the day can make you feel hotter). 

5. The weather 

Will it be humid? Or will the wedding take place during the winter (yes, winter Hawaiian weddings are also a thing)? Take note of the wedding date and check weather forecasts as well. 

6. Your footwear

When considering what to wear to a Hawaiian wedding, you must also consider the shoes. You must match the clothes you’ll be wearing. 

Heels and leather shoes work for black-tie and formal attire. You can wear sandals and wedges (for ladies) and loafers (for men) if the dress code is on the casual side. Additional tip: Don’t forget to get a pedicure! 

7. The couple’s vision or preference

Not sure if you can wear sunglasses or a dressy hat during the wedding ceremony? Is it okay to wear Chino shorts? If you want to clarify something, don’t hesitate to ask the couple themselves. Better be clear than attend in something too formal or too casual.

8 Ideas On What To Wear To A Wedding In Hawaii

If you’re one of the ladies or gents in attendance, knowing what to wear to a wedding in Hawaii is one etiquette that will make you a better guest. We’ve rounded up outfit ideas you can try, including options for bridesmaid dresses.

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or simply want to coordinate with the wedding party, choosing a stylish and appropriate dress can elevate your look and complement the overall Hawaiian wedding attire atmosphere.

1. A maxi dress with spaghetti straps or an elastic off-shoulder neckline

Hawaiian weddings aren’t like your traditional ceremonies. It’s an occasion that calls for more casual and comfy fits (except when the dress code is black-tie or formal). 

For ladies, it’s the perfect event to wear a flowy maxi dress. You can opt for something with conventional spaghetti straps. If you want to add some spice, an elastic off-shoulder neckline is for you. 

2. A floral-print jumpsuit

If you’re going to a beach wedding in Hawaii, let your attire embrace tropical elements. One of the most straightforward beach wedding attire you can do is by wearing a jumpsuit with floral prints (or bamboo or palm tree ones). 

Depending on the dress code of the wedding, you can even choose a bolder pattern or color. 

3. A one-shoulder solid-color romper

A romper can be semi-formal or casual; it’s available in a wide range of materials — linen, cotton, chiffon, or silk. 

This one-piece garment is a great way to accentuate your figure. Going for a one-shoulder to showcase those well-defined collarbones is perfect for a dreamy occasion like a Hawaiian wedding. 

4. A button-front or halter sundress

Sundresses are made for warm weather. Flying to Hawaii to hear the wedding bells ring is a timely occasion to shop for a new one. A halter dress gives off a certain womanly feel, while a button-front one evokes a chic, beach girl vibe. 

Just be careful to choose an appropriate length — too short, and it can be uncomfortable when the wind blows. 

5. A linen suit with white slacks

Suit-and-bowtie weddings aren’t much of a challenge for male attendees. But if the dress code permits some level of freedom, you can exude a manly vibe with a dash of tropical elements by wearing a green-hued linen suit paired with a white polo (first two buttons unbuttoned) and standard white slacks.

6. A rustic coat with khaki trousers

A brown or rustic orange coat is an alternative if greens aren’t your hue. Wear it with a white button-down inside and lighter khaki trousers as your bottom wear.

7. A monochromatic linen suit-and-trouser set

Are you more into monochromatic numbers? A beige suit and trousers with white polo are a classic yet stylish choice. You’ll never go wrong with a set like this — plus, it’s easier to pair with shoes that you already have.

8. A Long- or short-sleeve button-down

It’s a special moment to go to Hawaii to see your friend or relative say, “I do.” So if you’re a gent wondering what to wear to a destination wedding like that, know that if it has a semi-formal or casual theme, just a button-down worn with long pants will already do. Bring out your inner fashionista by opting for Hawaiian-style prints. 

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