15 Best Wedding Gifts From Groom To Bride

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By Jim Campbell | Updated on February 15, 2024

It’s not every day that you marry the love of your life; this is why every groom’s mission is to find the best wedding gifts from groom to bride. 

As the big day draws near, the search will become more challenging. Many options are available, but each bride is unique and deserves only that one special gift. 

Sentimental Gifts For The Bride

If you ask the maids-of-honor, they will probably advise you to get something sentimental. Since there will be an emotional hook to the gift,  the gesture can make your wedding day even more special. 

1. Diamond Tennis Bracelet  

Are you prepared to splurge on your first marital gift? A diamond tennis bracelet is always a classy choice. A moissanite piece is also a good option if your bride prefers more fiery stones on her arm candy. The bracelet symbolizes how you promise to go hand-in-hand through everything in your marriage. 

2. A Locket Or A Pendant 

This might seem old-fashioned for some grooms, but a locket with your photo or a pendant with your names set in gold is a very good gift for a romantic bride

3. A Symbolic Gift From A Trip 

You must reflect and contemplate on your past travels together. Was there a moment that both of you considered extra special? Think of a unique item that can encapsulate this memory. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to hit the nail on the head. 

4. A Framed Copy Of Your Wedding Vows

An especially good gift if you are having a very intimate wedding. While inexpensive, nothing can embody the essence of your marriage more than the vows you have written. Do you think you poured your heart into writing your wedding vows? The framed vows will be a very good addition to your bedroom.   

Practical But Sweet Gifts For Bride From Groom

Not all couples are comfortable displaying emotions. Let’s face it; some prefer to give and get practical gifts. Some gifts can be useful but at the same time sweet. The emotional value is just right and light and never overly dramatic. 

5. Suitcase For The Honeymoon

This a chill gift for a chill bride. Your honeymoon is just as important as your wedding day. A matching suitcase can make your honeymoon more “announced” and special. It’s like walking down the airport with a “just married” sign trailing behind you. Choose high-quality suitcases so you can enjoy them for a long time. 

6. Husband And Wife Custom Mug

Another inexpensive, swoon-worthy, practical wedding gift is a pair of Mr. and Mrs. personalized wedding mugs. Make her smile by reminding her how excited you are to wake up each morning with her from your wedding day onwards.

7. Wedding Shoes 

If you want to start things off on the right footing, why not buy her a pair of wedding shoes? Unless it is a tradition in your family, you do not need to open your marital gifts in front of the guests. You can give each other items you can wear on your special day. Choosing accessories and shoes you can wear again after the wedding is always a good idea. 

8. Customized Sweatshirt 

A personalized couple sweatshirt with Mr. and Mrs. (insert your surname here) is a trendy, useful, and affordable gift if the bride has a good sense of humor. You can pair this gift for the bride with a touching wedding gift message like “let this sweater warm you up with my hugs.” 

Gifts Perfect For The Home 

Your first home is already the best wedding gift from groom to bride. These smaller accessories are the perfect icing on the cake. 

9. The Sill Large Ficus Audrey

This tropical plant symbolizes your commitment to growing together hand-in-hand in this marriage. You can consider this plant your first baby. 

10. Printed and Framed Lyrics and Star Map

A sentimental and decorative gift, this printed lyrics and star map can be a hip addition to your new home. The framed print is sweet enough once you know what the printed words stand for, but also mysterious and cool enough to showcase in your living room. It’s a good conversation piece for when you have company.

Gifts For Bride Perfect For Memories 

11. Customized Leather Journal 

A leather journal where your future wife can write her memories and private thoughts is one of the best wedding gifts from groom to bride. It is another way of telling your special someone that you adore her and respect her private space. You hope you will be making wonderful memories married to her. 

12. Keepsake Box 

A customized keepsake box is also a great gift for your bride. Perhaps you have given her many little tokens during your relationship. This gift is a romantic and practical box for her to keep the treasures of your union. 

Fashionable Gifts 

13. Handbag

Does your bride like fashionable items? Then there is no reason not to give her a purse or a pouch as a gift on your wedding day. However, because it is a special day, you should stick to classic pieces she can use for a long time. A handbag she can use during your dinner dates as husband and wife is always a good choice. 

14. Teardrop Bridal Earrings 

Having your bride wear your wedding gift on your special day is always a great idea. If she is wearing her hair up on the big day, teardrop bridal earrings made from your choice of gemstones or crystals would surely make her swoon. The earrings are also good to wear on date nights after the wedding day. 

15. Family Tree Charm 

family tree charm is both a symbolic and a fashionable gift for your wife-to-be. Imagine giving this to her with a sincere greeting card. She would be thrilled, beyond words, to build a life with you. 

No matter what gift you choose to give your bride on your wedding day, she will surely love it if it is unique, well-thought-of, and speaks about your relationship. The meaning behind the gift is just as important as its value. Remember, your gifts’ value reaches far beyond the price tag. 

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