16 Incredibly Sweet Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For The Bride

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During weddings, it’s not only the bride and the groom who get gifts to celebrate their union. The couple also has to give presents to key people — including the lovely bridesmaids — to show their appreciation for their help. In this feature, we’ve rounded up some of the best bridesmaid gift ideas for the bride. Plus,  gifts from bridesmaids can be given during the bachelorette party or on the wedding day itself. 

Bridesmaids Wedding Gifts For The Bride 

Said yes to being a bridesmaid? One of the customary traditions on your to-do list is giving the bride a gift. These ideas will help you get out of that gift-giver’s block. 

Family Heirloom

If the bridesmaid is a sister or a close relative of the bride, giving an heirloom is a no-brainer yet sentimental gift idea. Considered a traditional gift from bridesmaid to bride, this “something old” gift can be in the form of jewelry, a painting, a piece of antique furniture, or a compilation of the family’s secret recipes. 

Scrapbook Or Photo Album

Thoughtfully made bridal party gifts are special in any bride’s heart. For bridesmaids who have been with the bride for many years, a scrapbook or a personalized photo album will surely bring back all the great moments you’ve shared — and the bad times you’ve weathered together. 

Home Doormat

Now that the bride is on her way to making a family of her own, a functional gift like this can help her welcome her new life in style. You should put this at the top of your list of gift options, especially if the couple is yet to set up or decorate their home. 


A lightbox makes for a standout gift, not just literally speaking. When it’s personalized with a witty one-liner or sentimental words of love, just one look at it can brighten up the bride’s mood. It’s also practical because she can use it to light a corner of her space come nighttime. 

Gift Basket

If you think one gift item isn’t enough, why not give a basketful of the bride’s favorite things? A gift basket is a versatile present. It can contain luxury chocolates and a wine bottle or pampering goodies to help the bride relax and bid stress goodbye. Make the basket extra personal with a handwritten card expressing your earnest wish for her. 

Wedding Hanger

Many bridesmaids opt to give something that the bride can use in time for her special day. If you’re going down this route, personalized hangers are highly recommended. A bride will wear a couple of attire throughout her pre-wedding activities and on her wedding day, so a chic gift like this will be truly useful. 

Passport Case

Customized passport holders sell like hotcakes during the wedding season mainly because they can be used in time for the couples’ honeymoon. However, unlike other honeymoon-related presents — such as carry-on bags, luggage, or travel pillows — they are more compact. This makes them one of the ideal bridesmaid gift ideas for the bride. 

Group Speech

The bride tribe can team up to deliver an unforgettable speech that will take the bride, the groom, and all the other attendees on a rollercoaster of emotions. While the speech itself is not much of a surprise because it’s part of the wedding program, you can stun the bride by giving a framed handmade print that features a portion of the speech.

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas For The Bride

Be the bride that your bridesmaids won’t forget. Here’s a list of bridesmaid gift ideas for the bride that will make gift planning and buying a smoother experience. 

Water Bottles

Do you need affordable bridesmaid gift ideas to stay on track with your wedding budget? Sleek, personalized water bottles are budget-friendly, portable, ever-functional, and never go out of style. Your bride tribe can use theirs before, during, and after your wedding. 

PJs, Robes, And Slippers

Your special crew deserves a special sleeping set. You can wear matching PJs, robes, and slippers the night before and on the morning of your most-awaited day. Be sure to have each set embroidered with their first names, so they’ll know which one is theirs. 

Stylish Scrunchies

Scrunchies are underrated hair accessories. While they can be highly versatile — they can be worn at home, during casual meetups, or even on special occasions — they can easily be misplaced. Giving a handful of stylish scrunchies is a subtle way of saying that you always got their back. 

Friendship Bracelets

Matching jewelry pieces are a thing during weddings. Couples have their engagement and wedding rings. Brides also often give their moms matching necklaces or lockets. For your squad, friendship bracelets are a great accessory idea. Pro tip: Opt for monogram minimalist bracelets so they can easily complement any bridesmaid attire. 

Make-up Sets

Can’t decide whether you’ll give your gals a compact powder, a lip balm, or lipstick? Be a generous giver and get make-up sets — complete with personalized make-up bags. Trust us: This will come in handy on a day when they can be busy but need to stay pretty and in poise.

Bridal Purses

A bridal purse is nothing short of a beautiful gift idea for your ladies. And it’s because you have the best grasp of what you want your wedding day to look like, you can easily pick a purse design and style that suits your vision.

Charging Pads

Bridesmaids will rely a lot on their phones to perform their duties for your wedding. Let them know that you care for them by giving them charging pads as your bridesmaid present. When buying this tech gear, be sure to get one that matches the specs and style of the recipient’s phone. 

Engraved Flasks

After all the hustle and bustle of helping organize and pull off your dream wedding, it’s time for your girls to party it out. Flasks engraved with the first letter of their name are personalized bridesmaids gifts they can use at wedding after-parties — and in your future get-togethers. 

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