Top Ten Reasons to Choose an Adventure Honeymoon
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Top Ten Reasons to Choose an Adventure Honeymoon

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For many couples, a small group tour might not be the first to come to mind when it comes to planning the perfect honeymoon. But with the incredible travel experiences offered up by adventure tour operators like G Adventures, there are tons of reasons to consider something unique. With a little exploring, you just might discover the honeymoon of a lifetime! In no particular order, here are our top ten reasons to choose an adventure honeymoon tour. Of course, if you think of reasons of your own, leave them in the comments section!

10. Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity.

You only get to honeymoon once, so why not make it special and unique? Once the celebrations are over and married life really begins, many couples become too busy to find enough time to take another big trip. That means your honeymoon should be as memorable as possible, and while there’s nothing wrong with lazing on the beach, an adventure honeymoon tour will be an experience you’ll never forget, and one you may never have another chance to treat yourselves to.

9. The Stories.

After your honeymoon, your family and friends will want to hear all about it, and someday you may even have kids who you’ll regale with stories of your incredible honeymoon. Who wants to tell (or hear) a generic story? An adventure honeymoon tour is a safe way to take a romantic trip that will make you the envy of cocktail parties and PTA meetings for years to come.

8. Experienced Guides.

Not only will a great adventure honeymoon tour guide be able to recommend all the best and most romantic sights, activities and restaurants, but they’ll also be there to take your photos – say goodbye to repetitive honeymoon albums filled with selfies! A guide with local insight is ready to custom-tailor the tour into the romantic getaway you’ve been dreaming of.

7. Cultural Experiences.

World travelers agree: There is no better way to grow along with someone you love than by immersing yourselves in the magic and mystery of foreign cultures. Not only will you grow individually as you learn about our incredible planet and its diverse people, but by sharing these inspirational experiences, you’ll have a surefire way to tighten your bonds and leave your love stronger than ever.

6. The Cuisine.

Sure, there are lots of romantic resort restaurants. But exposing yourselves to true local cuisine will not only introduce you to wonderful new foods and customs, but will take you on a journey of culinary discovery that will help shape your identity as a world-wise married couple. Enjoying delicious, unique local cuisine isn’t just about food – it’s  a new experience you can add to your list, and every unique experience you share is a memory you’ll treasure forever.

5. One-Stop Shopping.

With the stress of wedding planning, honeymoon planning can start to feel like a real headache. With an adventure honeymoon tour, you don’t need to worry about running around booking hotels, restaurant reservations and activities. A great tour operator like G Adventures will handle hotels, attractions, meals and sometimes even flights. A reputable tour operator will also be completely clear about anything that isn’t included so you can plan ahead, erase the honeymoon stress and let them take care of everything.

4. The Memories.

A “typical” honeymoon could be an incredible romantic getaway, but other than the newlywed glow, champagne and roses, will it really be that different from any other vacation? You want your honeymoon to stand out in your minds as a journey as exciting as your love. The best way to make it truly memorable is by doing something different and making it an adventure! Active couples will especially love an adventure honeymoon, but “adventure” means something different for everyone. Whatever adventure means to you, there’s an unforgettable honeymoon just waiting to be experienced.

3. The Freedom.

A great adventure tour isn’t rigid…it gives you the free time and flexibility to experience everything you want, and a seasoned guide who can suggest the best and most romantic honeymoon experiences.

2. Give Back.

Tour companies like G Adventures use locally-owned accommodations, restaurants and activity operators so that your honeymoon adventure is more than just a vacation – you’ll be benefitting local communities, cultures and people while getting the richest travel experience possible.

1. Service and Value.

Not only can the best tour operators offer the highest level of service custom-tailored for each couple, but you can get an incredible honeymoon at a better value than if you tried to plan it all yourself. A life-changing trip should stay with you forever, but the price you paid for it shouldn’t. Operators like G Adventures take a grassroots approach and use their close relationships with local communities to keep operating costs low, and they pass those savings on to you.

This post is sponsored by G ADVENTURES, a tour operator offering unforgettable adventure honeymoons all around the world.