Who Plans The Honeymoon?

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With the pressures of wedding planning mounting on every bride and groom, the honeymoon is often another burdensome event to plan. The idea of spending time with your new spouse is one of the most exciting parts of getting married, but first you need to plan it. So, who is responsible for planning the honeymoon?

Who Plans The Honeymoon

The bride often ends up planning the honeymoon. We surveyed hundreds of newlyweds and found that the bride plans the honeymoon about 85% of the time. However, we found that only 13% of couples said that “help from spouse” would have made honeymoon planning easier. The ladies got this!

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Collaborating To Plan A Honeymoon

It takes weeks to plan the perfect honeymoon. As newlyweds, you should have a conversation about where you want to go, how much you want to spend on your honeymoon, and how long you want to go on your honeymoon. To start your marriage off right, you should both be on the same page on these points so you can enjoy your first vacation as a married couple.

Surprising Your Spouse

If you want to retain an element of romance and mystery, you can split planning days or designate who plans the honeymoon. For example. you could assign a day for both of you to prepare as a surprise. You could announce what you are doing that morning, the night before, or as the day goes by. There is so much to do during your honeymoon that planning can easily be split up and surprises can be plentiful.

Set Aside Time To Plan

With so many other things to plan and give, including the wedding details, bridesmaids gifts, groomsman gifts, and wedding gifts, you need to make sure you set aside adequate time to plan your honeymoon. The average couple takes five weeks to plan a honeymoon. If you budget enough time, you will ensure that both the bride and groom have responsibility while planning the honeymoon.

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