10 Best Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations

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Wedding days are exciting once-in-a-lifetime events where you get married to a loved one. The honeymoon that follows is also a remarkable period of love and adventure. Whether you’re looking for adventure, luxury, or romance, every couple wants their vacation to be memorable. Your dream vacation is finally here. For others, it’s the first big spend holiday they’ve ever taken. Whether you’re looking for a quiet romantic treat, an action-packed adventure, or unmatched luxury, here are ten adventure honeymoon destinations for thrill-seeking couples. 

Portland, Oregon

The Oregon city of Portland, with its delicious doughnuts and world-class coffee shops and breweries, has much to offer visitors in its unique culture and cuisine. Portland’s natural beauty truly sets it apart from the rest of the country. A romantic honeymoon in the Portland region would be incomplete without a visit to the area’s numerous waterfalls and hiking trails. Staying in the tree house is an excellent way to spend your Portland honeymoon. 

Aspen, Colorado 

Aspen, Colorado’s most famous town, is a must-see for anybody traveling to the state for vacation. It has some of the most fabulous ski resorts in the United States, but you’d appreciate its shine during the fall. Visiting Aspen is one of the best places to arrange an autumn honeymoon in the United States!

Just like its name, you’d see a lot of aspen trees, which are incredibly stunning in the fall. The mountains and alpine lakesides are dotted with bright yellows and oranges. If you want to experience fall foliage on your adventure honeymoon, it is advisable to travel in September, when the colors are at their best! Their up-to-date condo with a hot tub and easy access to the slopes are excellent places to try in Aspen. 

Newport Beach, California 

Newport Beach is ideal for experiencing the thrilling sights that southern California offers. The thought of chartering a sailboat and traveling out to sea to see the coastline from an entirely new vantage point is something you’d enjoy during your honeymoon. 

Experience everything the Pacific Ocean offers while enjoying some champagne during the picnic. You can also have lunch from the rooftop of this fantastic oceanfront mansion, which will serve as the perfect spot for you to stay for your seashore honeymoon.


No rule says you can only spend your honeymoon in one place. If you want to visit numerous destinations in the United States without limitations, then renting a campervan is an excellent choice for your honeymoon. Spend precious moments and travel to multiple destinations while feeling at home. What’s more exciting is you don’t have to worry about hotels or Airbnb while visiting unique places. 

Granite Cliffs, Yosemite 

Yosemite National Park has numerous breathtaking views in the United States, making it an excellent choice for a adventure honeymoon. The park is a fantastic place to visit because of its accessibility to experienced outdoors people and tourists.

It’s also fascinating to see the climbers’ headlights shine as they make their way to the top of El Capitan at night! You’ll enjoy it better if you’re lucky enough to get a spot in one of Yosemite’s approved camping areas.

Do you want to splurge on a sumptuous honeymoon lodging? There are beautiful houses around to enjoy a memorable experience around the cliff. 

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is one of the well-known honeymoon locations in the United States. There are many exciting activities to enjoy and make your stay memorable.

Relaxing with a tropical beverage on the sand while watching the waves pound the coast from the Jacuzzi of your own beachfront rental home and taking in the sunset over lush green cliffs makes Maui such a romantic honeymoon destination.

Take a surfing class or explore the Mt. Haleakala lava-formed shoreline. Hawaii is simply breathtaking.

Miami, Florida

Miami’s Cuban influence provides opportunities to sample some of the best Cuban cuisine and drink. Also, the nightlife in Miami is legendary, so it’s an excellent choice for newlyweds who want to celebrate their union with a night out.

Your honeymoon in Florida won’t be complete without a stop at their beachfront villa with a swimming pool and hot tub, which will surely win your heart.

Niagara Falls, New York 

The spellbinding falls of Niagara Falls, New York, deserve all the attention they receive. Despite its popularity, you can plan a memorable honeymoon at Niagara Falls. Look for hotels and restaurants with views of the falls and evening light shows.

Spend money on a helicopter tour of the Whirlpool Rapids and American Falls, a trip to the Niagara Gorge’s Hurricane Deck to experience the force of the falls, and a day excursion to the lovely and gorgeous Finger Lakes wine area.

Virgin Islands National Park, St. John 

St. John is the smallest of the three main US Virgin Islands. Hike through untouched forests to see ancient petroglyphs and surf at a unique beach every day on this hilly island.

Explore the island’s winding, steep roads in a jeep. Take a relaxing day ride on a sailboat that includes parasailing and meals. The vibrant Cruz Bay or the quaint Coral Bay are great places to do some shopping and dine on some delicious island fare.

Sunset Key, Florida 

Sunset Key is the ideal place to spend your adventure honeymoon if you’ve always dreamed of having a getaway on a private island. It’s only a seven-minute boat journey from Key West and has a stunning white-sand beach and turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

There are just 40 villas in this beautiful Florida Keys beach-style boutique hotel on the beach. You can watch the sun go down with your special someone with a wraparound porch and Adirondack chairs.

Whatever your interests, you won’t run out of things to do here. You may go deep-sea fishing, go jet-skiing, or parasailing. 

Ultimately, there are plenty of choices you can select from to help you plan the perfect honeymoon.

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