Top Ten Wedding Trends of 2016

With 2017 in full swing, everyone is wondering what big wedding trends will emerge this year.  That makes it the perfect time to look back on some of the biggest trends of the past year to see what the future might hold. So, without further adieu, here are our picks for the top wedding trends of 2016, and which ones we think you can count on seeing on 2017 as well.

10) Personalization


From a henna tattoo to match the one she had when they first met, to anecdotes tucked into the seats at the reception about each guests' relationship to the couple, today's newlyweds are all about personalization. This one is the major theme of 2016, and it will probably continue for years to come. The goal of many modern newlyweds is to have a wedding that's just as unique as they are, so the event can't be remembered as anything but the perfect epitome of the couples' loves, passions, and personalities.

9) Unique Desserts


Just as modern couples are turning other traditions upside-down to make sure that their unique personalities are represented in every way imaginable, more and more newlyweds are opting for desserts other than cake. Homemade, country-baked pumpkin pie is the perfect complement for an autumn ceremony. A tray of fancy dessert shots would be a great way to show off your fun, flirty, unconventional approach to life. Couples are thinking beyond the cake and serving desserts as unique as they are.

8) Rustic Chic


From quaint ceremonies in charming old barns to reception tables made from re-purposed wood, weddings in 2016 continued a huge trend toward a rustic chic aesthetic. It's hard to resist the charm of a countryside wedding retreat that still hits all the elegant notes, and we think this trend still has enough steam left to become a feature of plenty of 2017 weddings as well. Earthy and natural are "in," and for the immediate future, we don't see them going anywhere.

7) Forget the Flowers


Okay, so beautiful, classic bouquets and floral arrangements will always have a place in the world of weddings. However, they're no longer the be-all end all. From delicately-displayed succulents to peacock feathers and sprigs of rosemary, the modern couple is getting more creative with table arrangements and decorations. With personalization reigning king, couples are making their nuptials unforgettable by inserting something a little bit unique and untraditional into their invitations, table settings, and every other detail.

6) Eco-Friendly


Whether it's locally sourced farm-to-table cuisine at the reception, seeds embedded into wedding invitations that can be planted directly into the ground, or recycled wood for the chairs during the ceremony, increasingly eco-conscious couples are finding ways to represent their environmentalist values within their special day. We're happy to say that "going green" is still as hip as ever, so this is one we expect to see even more of in 2017 and perhaps beyond. Hey, if couples keep saying "I do" to preserving the earth, we're alright with that!

5) Mismatched Bridesmaids


With couples determined to make their celebration unique, many are loosening the restrictions on attire for their bridesmaids to let them express themselves as well. Not only does this solve the problem of the selected dress style and color being a less-than-perfect match for some skin tones, eye colors, or body types, but it makes your squad more comfortable in their skin for your big day. When everyone is nervous in their role to help make your ceremony perfect, bridesmaids feeling their best can makes all the difference!

4) Less is More


Just as a good book absorbs you so deeply that you forget you're reading, a perfect make-up job looks natural enough that you don't realize you're looking at make-up...all you see is perfection. For brides and bridesmaids in particular, women are opting for simple-yet-elegant looks that don't appear as manicured as in the past. Still stylish and gorgeous, modern looks have begun trying to balance a new line between extravagant and understated.

3) Metallic Colors


From copper sequins running the length of the reception dress to gold glitter sparkling on the invitations, metallic color themes were popular throughout last year. This was a product of the huge recent surge in popularity for vintage looks, with Gatsby-inspired glitz injecting the 2016 wedding season with plenty of old-school elegance.

2) Well-Groomed Grooms


Historically, grooms have combed their hair with some gel and tossed on their tuxedos, and that's  about it.  Oh, how the game has changed! Mani/pedis, waxed eyebrows, reception jackets, teeth bleaching, and accessories that go far beyond the boutonnière are now the norm as grooms take their pre-ceremony preparations to entirely new heights. Hey, why should only brides get to look their best? Grooms want to be beautiful too, and we suspect this won't change anytime soon!

1) Featured Cocktails


Whether it's a delicious drink that represents both bride and groom or a his-and-hers cocktail selection, newlyweds are increasingly offering a custom drink for guests that encompasses their style. Maybe it's mixed drink that incorporates a favorite flavor, or it might be a reproduction of that craft cocktail the couple shared on their first date. Either way, a featured cocktail not only makes bar budgeting and planning easier, but adds one more way to make your big day as special as you are.

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