Top Ten Things to do in Ireland

Whenever you go out of town for a vacation, you try to be prepared, researching unique places to visit and things to do. Before you hit the plane back home from your Ireland honeymoon, make sure you try one or two (or all) of our guest blogger's top things to do. Be warned, get your hiking boots and inflatable kayak ready because you’re going to need those!

Known for its coastlines, cliffs, and forests, Ireland is rich in lush natural landscapes. However, there’s more to meets the eye in Ireland. Here are several ideas for your to try on your honeymoon to Ireland.

Go Night Kayaking

There are many great places in Ireland to kayak. However, one of the most exceptional places can be found in West Cork, Ireland. Lough Hyne is both a lake and marine natural reserve that offers spectacular night kayaking. Home to a variety of plants and animals, which you won’t find in Ireland, spend the evening paddling through the flow from underneath the water - due to the bioluminescent planktons. It is like a scene straight out of the Little Mermaid. Grab your inflatable kayak because Lough Hyne is a must-visit!

Try the Matchmakers at the Lisdoonvarna Festival

Every September, for the entire month, Ireland celebrates the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival. The month id dedicated to Willie Daly, the most famous matchmaker in Ireland. You may have already found love, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the festival. With delicious food and amazing music, spend the day surrounded by love.

Sway at a Music Festival

Fan of music? Have always wanted to head to Coachella, but avoid the heat? Music festivals in Ireland are a splashing good time. Literally. Sudden downpours won't put a damper on the festival. In fact, it adds to the ambience. So aside from the great bands, you will inevitably encounter mud as well. Grab your boots and make "mud friends" here. Hit the hills for some mud sliding or try out some new dance moves. It will surely be a unique experience for those of you who are looking for a new kind of thrill in music festivals.

Soar the Cliffs

Your hiking boots are going to need some tender loving care after a honeymoon in Ireland. As mentioned earlier, Ireland is known for its cliffs and coastlines. However, one cliff in particular caught our eye - the Slieve League in Donegal, Ireland. What is so unique about this cliff site? As one of the highest cliffs in Europe, it is untouched with no fences and just you and nature's finest. So, take the chance and hike Slieve League. It will be worth the experience.

Tour Dursey Island in a Cable Car

Grab your popcorn and hit the cable cars while in Ireland. Located in Dursey Island, this is the only cable car in Europe that transports people across open waters. Check out herds of grazing cows, sheep basing under the sun and beautiful green pastures from above. And if you’re lucky, you might catch dolphins jumping and gliding over the open sea waters.

Practice your Cliff Diving Skills

In search of an adrenaline rush and thrill? Head to Salthill for some cliff diving. What better way to enjoy a sunny day in Ireland then heading to Salthill Promenade in Galway, Ireland. You may want to fall in line early to get your chance to “dive” off from the pier in Salthill as a crowd can grow.

Unleash the Kid in You at Tayto Park

If you want to experience a different kind of thrill, head to Tayto Park. However, be prepared to scream when trying their famous wooden roller coaster. It is by far the biggest wooden roller coaster in Europe. Make sure to spend the day to enjoy all that Tayto Park has to offer, including the infamous Tayto factory tour which gives out free bags of crisps at the end of the tour. So become a kid and enjoy the rides and free treats!

Try Blo-Karting in Bundoran

Have you ever heard of Blo-Karting? Probably not, but that just means you should give it a try when in Ireland. Similar to go-karting, blo-karting comes with a pole and sail to ride the wind in the beaches of Donegal. Want to stay out of the sand? There are still a number of outdoor adventures to choose from in Ireland’s surfing capital, Bundoran. Go coasteering, swimming, kayaking and more!

Visit the English Market.

Want to indulge your tastebuds in Ireland’s finest? If you’re a foodie, you will enjoy visiting the English market, known for selling locally made and fresh products like poultry, fish, fruits vegetables and the famous O’Flynns sausages. Or stop by one of the stalls or cafes (Try Farmgate Cafe!) for some prepared dishes. Chitchat with the locals while you munch and learn a thing or two about the country. Need to pick up some souvenirs? Make a quick detour to the Merchants Quay Shopping Center.

Admire the Northern Lights!

Don't forget your camera if this natural site is on your bucket list! You don’t have to travel too far or too cold to see the Northern Lights. In some parts of Ireland the Northern Lights are now viewable, particularly in its northern areas.


Ireland is packed with many experiences which can be crossed off  a bucket list. Don’t be afraid to venture out, make your own plan. It’s a must to take pictures but remember to live in the moment as well. Keep in mind that experiences are something you can only bring back in your memories. Enjoy!

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