Top Ten Most Super-Secret Celebrity Weddings Ever

Celebrity TV, music, sports and movie stars can barely go to the store for a gallon of milk without the papparazzi capturing their every move. So when celebs tie the knot, it's usually an enormous spectacle -- in addition to lavish, over-the-top wedding ceremonies and receptions, the papparazzi go rabid. Sometimes the exclusive photography rights to capture the nuptials are sold for a million dollars or more to magazines like People and TMZ. But sometimes, celebrities manage to wed in total secret. Hush-hush weddings at the courthouse or at home are usually the only way to avoid  a media frenzy, and with your wedding as the most intimate day of your life, it's not surprising that some stars opt for elopements and secret ceremonies, only to reveal later that they've become man and wife.

These super secret, star-studded weddings endlessly fascinate us. Sometimes, even the relationships themselves were kept under the radar. We went through the archives and dug up some of our favorite all-time secret celebrity weddings, finding the superstars who exchanged their rings and vows with the media and general public none the wiser.

Amanda Seyfried & Thomas Sadoski

secret-celebrity-weddingsFormer "mean girl" Amanda Seyfried announced through her reps in September 2016 that she and actor Thomas Sadoski were engaged after working together on stage play The Way We Get By. The newly-engaged couple was tight-lipped on the details, however, and eloped off to the countryside to be quietly wed by an officiant in total private. Even more exciting, just months later the already-pregnant Seyfried would give birth to their first child, making for the best wedding gift of all shared between the happy newlyweds.

Kerry Washington & Nnamdi Asomugha

secret-celebrity-weddingsScandal star Kerry Washington didn't make a show of it when she married retired NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in 2013. In fact, when they secretly shuttled off to Hailey, Idaho to excahnge their vows, few even had a clue the two had been dating -- much less gotten engaged. The duo continue to enjoy an extremely private post-married life. We have to think the extra privacy will be good for their two young children, who might be able to live a more normal-feeling life away from all those flashbulbs and nosey gossip reporters. Go Kerry!

 Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

secret-celebrity-weddingsWhen we think of celebrity weddings, we think of elaborate celebrations where no expense is spared: opulent flower arrangements, decadent food, sophisticated locales, first-class plane tickets, the works. But when it comes to Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard, who married in 2013, the grand total for the wedding bill was a not-so-whopping $142. The duo got dressed up, snuck down to the local California courthouse, got their marriage license, and exchanged vows right then and there, not revealing their union to the world until  later. As for photos of the special day? There are only a few pics, and none would even be released until about three years later!

Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy

secret-celebrity-weddingsFull House child star Mary-Kate Olsen married much older Olivier Sarkozy -- head of the global financial firm The Carlyle Group and half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy -- in a top secret ceremony in a private Manhattan apartment. The fifty or so guests had to give up their phones at the door, so there would be no images or footage leaked to the press. The hyper-focus on privacy is typical for Mary-Kate, who found superstardom so early that she was probably already sick of the papparazzi by the time she was about two years old. We wish her and Olivier all the best!

RuPaul & Georges LeBar

secret-celebrity-weddingsMeeting in 1994, drag extraordinaire RuPaul secretly said "I do" to longtime boyfriend Georges LeBar in January of this year. Why make the wedding official after so many years of being together? According to RuPaul, he and his other half just couldn't resist the tax breaks! Being a same-sex wedding, we can see why RuPaul wanted to keep it under wraps -- after announcing their marriage on Hollywood Today Live, he got a barrage of homophobic hate on Twitter. But it's nothing the fabulous host, singer, fashion icon and LGBTQIA hero hasn't had to deal with before. We applaud his courage, and hope with this new marriage, his love of over two decades with Georges is still only just beginning!

Blake Liveley & Ryan Reynolds

secret-celebrity-weddingsThe 2012 wedding of Hollywood stars Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds was planned from the start to stay under the radar. With only a few dozen guests, you'd think the whole thing would be a well-kept secret. But to make sure, even their closest friends and family members in attendance had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and give up their cell phones at the door. Usually it would seem weird to sign a legal document swearing you won't talk about a friend or family member's wedding, but for a couple with this much star power, we have to say we can't blame them!

Now that we have  few details, we know that Martha Stewart and her team were involved with the planning. We also know that Blake wore a Marchesa gown and Ryan a hand-crafted burberry suit. But our favorite part is that Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine fame, was the wedding singer!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux

secret-celebrity-weddingsSuperstar bride Jennifer Aniston and groom  and Justin Theroux wanted their wedding to be extra special. That means keeping out the papparazzi and media, and making sure the special day would be as peaceful and intimate as possible. Key to pulling this plan off, and keeping the nuptials from being leaked to the tabloids, was having the wedding at the pair's Los Angeles mansion rather than at a hotel or other public venue. According to Justin, the hardest part was trying to pretend everything was normal, so no one would know there was wedding planning going on behind the scenes. Most of us can't wait to tell everyone when our big day is coming up, so containing all that excitement until it was time to actually head to the altar  must have been excruciating!

Kate Winslet & Ned Rocknroll

secret-celebrity-weddingsTitanic star Kate Winslet married Ned Rocknroll, billionaire Sir Richard Branson's nephew, in a secret New York City ceremony in 2012. The wedding was so secret, in fact, that not even Kate's own parents knew she was going to be tying the knot! Kate is still good friends with old Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, evidenced by the fact that Leo himself walked Kate down the asile. We hope her father wasn't jealous! Then again, she's had a few weddings already -- maybe the senior Mr. Winslet was happy to give the honor to someone else this time. Either way, we hope this time is a charm for Kate, who met Ned while vacationing on Necker Island, the Caribbean private island hideaway owned by his uncle Richard.

Beyoncé & Jay Z

secret-celebrity-weddingsNobody says "star couple" like Beyoncé and Jay Z, the queen and king of hip hop. They tied the knot in 2008, keeping notoriously tight-lipped about the whole affair -- but if you ask us, the $5 million diamond Beyoncé started wearing spoke louder than words! Eager to avoid the inevitable drama of a media circus, we think the two were very smart to do things quietly. When you're on top, there's a never ending stream of haters trying to take you down. Why give them the opportunity? After all, now that Beyoncé and Jay Z have introduced baby Blue Ivy and a set of twins into the world (the twins just this year), they have bigger things to worry about than tabloid scoops and photo ops!

Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock

secret-celebrity-weddingsFor this country music diva, a private country wedding in gorgeous Tennessee was the perfect way to seal the deal for a lifetime of holy matrimony with southern heartthrob Brandon Blackstock. The wedding pictures show the stunning southern charm and  beauty of the Tennessee hills and farms, and this wedding was so intimate that only Kelly, Brandon, and Brandon's children from a previous marriage were in attendance. But this adorable and completely private wedding had plenty of badass factor as well -- Kelly, who was training for her pilot's license, personally flew herself and Brandon to the farm for the ceremony. Awesome!

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