Top Ten Honeymoon Photo Shoot Ideas

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes that unforgettable honeymoon. Looking to relax after exhausting wedding preparations, couples today often choose to visit exotic destinations. Remember your honeymoon forever with some breathtaking photos. Here are some great photo ideas from our guest blogger.

A Sunset Photo Shoot

Is there anything more romantic than silhouettes of the two of you kissing with the beautiful setting sun behind you? Whether staged or just asking a passer-by to take a photo, you'll have a memento longthe vacation is over you can have a lovely pic to remind you of those moments.

Beach Photo Shoot

Sand, seashells, sea glass, and waves… It sounds like a perfect setting for a beautiful photo shoot. If you want, use your wedding rings as props, placing them in a seashell, among the sand or with sea glass – it’ll be a unique and personal photo.

Playful Moments

Honeymoons are the time to let your hair down and act silly. Take it all in and capture the moments - climb trees, jump on the bed, hang upside-down from the armchair, have pillow fights. Become kids again and embrace the moments.

Delicate Love

Spend an afternoon being the center of attending. Set up a photographer to take intimate, professional photos of the two of you. Focus on the little details: your hands entwined with wedding rings, your head on his shoulder, or a kiss on the forehead.


These are the typical photos a couple takes while on a honeymoon and later prints out. Take a photo next to a local monument or a famous building, and send it to your family. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles love to ‘show off’ by showing it to their friends.

King and Queen of the Dance Floor

You are on your honeymoon and you should be as spontaneous as you wish. Grab your spouse and hit the dance floor like you’re both teenagers again. Have a photographer at the club take your picture so you have a proof that you rocked the competition.


What’s a honeymoon without delicious food and finger-licking good sweets? Take Instagram-worthy photos of your meals, especially if you’re eating something local. You can even take a photo of each other where you try something for the first time – these are usually honest and funny, and a keeper!

Boudoir Photography

The bedroom is where all the magic happens. Since the two of you trust each other completely, you should try a boudoir session. Spend the day relaxing, talking about it, choosing the appropriate outfits and preparing the setting. Help each other relax and take some lovely photos both of you will remember.

That Bling

Your wedding rings are a part of you, and you can use them as props for some interesting photo shoots. Take a photo of your spouse through your wedding ring, or place your rings on the map so that they show where you were on your honeymoon.

Never Let Go

You know the classic line, "I'll never let go Jack". And neither should you! Take photos of each other holding hands. You can take these photos pretty much anywhere: in the streets, at the beach, in the water, or someplace where you can see the scenery: the roof of your hotel or a tall landmark.


Remember, these photos are keepsakes that you can have forever, and a great reminder of the lovely moments the two of you spent together. Try to enjoy those moments and keep the photos as spontaneous as possible because when you look back the radiant smiles on your faces will be the testimony of your happiness.

Author Bio:

Gabriella Diesendorf

Gabriella Diesendorf is a freelance writer from Australia and a devoted mother of two kids, two cats, and one large dog. She loves badgering about pets, green lifestyle choices, parenting techniques, and if you mention attachment parenting she will bore you to death. You can catch up with her on High Style Life.

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