Top Ten Honeymoon Destinations of 2018

A new year, a new round of uber-romantic honeymoons - below are our top 10 honeymoon destinations of 2018. If you haven't started your honeymoon planning yet, keep reading -- these locations are some of our favorite, most romantic, most luxurious locales for picture-perfect honeymoons worldwide. Some are beachy, some are mountainous, and some have a little of everything. But between incredible views, world-class hotels, perfect couples' activities, and other factors, they're all insanely romantic and perfect spots to spirit yourselves away to after your dream wedding. After all, every a fairytale wedding deserves a honeymoon to match.

Without further adieu (and in no particular order), here they are!


For island lovers who treasure seclusion and luxury, Fiji is the honeymoon destination of your dreams. Fiji is a romance travel classic for couples due to its secluded, idyllic beaches that will make you feel like the last (or the first) couple on Earth. Resorts like Turtle Island Fiji offer an experience of unbridled luxury and world-class service. Stellar sunsets top it off as a perfect honeymoon idea for beach lovers.

Paradise Coast

paradise-coast-honeymoonsWhat first made us fall head-over-heels in love with Florida's Paradise Coast is the variety of experiences it offers. You can spend a morning boating through the gnarled mangroves and incredible wildlife of the Everglades, then be dressed to the nines for  a luxurious cocktail and dinner at a chic restaurant on the water. It's accessible and easy to  get to for American couples, and can satisfy nature buffs, foodies, and nightlife enthusiasts all in the same day with its unique, eclectic array of  unforgettable things to see and do.


belize-honeymoonsAffordable and beautiful, Belize gives couples more honeymoon fun for a lower budget than many other tropical destinations. Whether your perfect day is a lazy, cocktail-laden sunbathing marathon or a trudge through the rainforest, listening for macaws and stumbling across stunning waterfalls, Belize is for you. High action, total relaxation, or all of the above are never in short supply. And great deals at deluxe hotels and resorts mean there's always a buck to be saved without having to sacrifice one shred of jealousy-inducing romantic awesomeness. Whether you envision a snorkeling expedition, a hike through the jungle, or cocktails from the balcony of your resort at sunset, Belize is a perfect country to make your honeymoon home.


switzerland-honeymoonsFor a European getaway with scenery straight out of your favorite fairytale, look no further than Switzerland. Delightful locals, charming little mountain towns, and a unique epicurean spirit are only the beginning. World-class skiing and activities offered near luxurious alpine hotels set you up for a honeymoon destination with endless backdrops perfect for romancing the days and nights away. You'll be talking about a honeymoon in Switzerland for years, and so will all your jealous friends and in-laws!

From the Sea


The luxury of a seafaring cruise liner is so perfect for honeymoons, it might as well have been designed for them. The sunsets can't be beat, and with luxurious amenities, fine dining, and plenty of opportunities for romantic deckside cocktails, the insanely romantic moments just never come to an end. Whether you go for a tropical Caribbean cruise, an off-the-beaten-path Southeast Asia sailing adventure, or a luxury ship sailing along Alaskan mountains and sparkling glaciers, cruises are the perfect to set sail on a honeymoon you'll remember forever.


kauai-honeymoonsKnown as the "Garden Isle," it's no surprise that Kauai makes for an entire island paradise's worth of honeymoon fun. How about a hike overlooking a colorful canyon, covered in tropical flowers and rugged cliffs? Or a romantic date at sea, sailing along the edge of the famed Napali Coast? Then, of course, there are the soft-sand beaches to explore. Best yet for American couples, you don't need a passport (or a second language) to enjoy all the exotic scenery, adventure, and cultural experiences Kauai has to offer.


mexico-honeymoonsSure, Mexico is heaven on Earth for beach bums. But add on a warm, hospitable people, an intriguing culture, ancient ruins, and charming old colonial towns, and there's so much more than a day at the beach to be discovered here. It's a whole universe of honeymoon fun that caters just as well to history buffs as it does to party animals and sun junkies. There's a reason Mexico has remained such a popular honeymoon destination for years on end -- thousands of reasons, actually! Whether it's visiting enchanting 16th-century churches, snuggling at sunset while you picnic on the beach, or adventure through a complex of ancient Mayan temples, it will be just as dramatic as you've always dreamed it would be.


honeymoons-in-coloradoHip cities, chill towns, and outdoor adventures galore draw countless couples to Colorado every year. But for incredible honeymoon destinations, it's the incredible mountain scenery that steals the cake. Lakes, hillsoides, and mountaintops in hip, luxurious towns like Aspen and fun, no-frills cities like Denver make Colorado a top honeymoon destination where we think we'll see even more romantic adventurers in 2018 than previous years. Time will tell if we're proven right!



This Mediterranean wonderland has it all: beautiful, old-world cities combined with island cruises, beach relaxation, and incredible seaside villages. The best parts? It's not only afforable, but a wonderful place to visit year-round, with real off-season where the weather sours. For us, those factors put it a cut above even other gorgeous European honeymoon hotspots.

Dominican Republic

dominican-republic-honeymoonsAffordable, tropical, beautiful. What more could a couple ask for in a honeymoon destination? The weather is warm and the activities run the gamut from pampering at a spa to expeditions through the rainforest. Either way, it's an experience you won't forget, with a seemindly endless world of lush scenery to take your breath away. Did we mention that the hotels and resorts here are world-class for couples, and many of them are adults-only? Well, they are -- but don't take our word for it. Check some of them out for yourself!

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